Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blogger Tips Tricks now using 4 column template optimized for 1064x768 screen resolution

Blogger Tips and Tricks is now 4 column and optimized for 1024x768 pixels screen resolution as well as AdSense. Blogger Tips and Tricks now used a 4 column fixed width Minima template with widths of 450 pixels for main column, 163, 163 and 164 pixels for the 3 sidebars respectively. Rationale for the change is as follows:

Below are the most recent system statistics (visitors' screen resolution):

visitor screen resolution bar chart
Visitors' screen resolution bar chart

visitor screen resolution % percentage
Visitors' screen resolution in percentage

This showed that today, only less than 1% of visitors have the small screen resolution of 800x600 pixels while 32% has screen resolution 1024x768 pixels. Visitors having screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels and bigger total slightly over half have screen resolution over 83. This means that the vast majority of visitors to this blog with this new template will not have to use the horizontal scroll bar
horizontal scroll bar
to view all the content of this blog with this new 4 column template optimized for 1024x768 pixels screen resolution.

The main column (content) was only increased from 400 pixels to 450 pixels. This is because as discussed in What is the best template?, a readability study showed that content should be around 60 CPL (characters per line). I tend to agree because I use a wide screen and when I come across text which stretches the whole breath of my wide screen, I find it difficult to read and to scan. When I read until the end of one line, I have to search for the beginning of the next line and that can be a bit difficult as the end of a line and the beginning of the next line can be separated by a large distance.

The sidebars were kept to slightly over 160 pixels because the popular AdSense skyscraper (wide vertical banner) ad unit is 160x600 pixels and will then just fit in nicely in any of the 3 sidebars.

If you want this template, please go to 4 column New Blogger template.

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  1. Hi there

    What a great site you have here. As someone (Katesmum) said on an earlier thread it really is easier to get hold of God than of Blogger support, so a site like this is invaluable.

    I hope you don't mind me asking you a question. I set up a blog (i.e. I am the founder) and now find that one of the team members has thrown me off my blog. Is there any way I can get back on to the place?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Unless Blogger intervenes, only the administrator/s of the blog can get you back and even then he/she/they will determine what privileges you would have if they put you back.

  3. can you send me the code to use the denim template with the larger pictures and one column to the right? I saw that the code you had on there was not working. Do you know of anyway to use minima template and make the pictures larger?? you can email me at lindsaybanner1 at -thank you!!

  4. peter! Thanks for this template my now i have more room

  5. hello sir
    ur work is very great.
    i am new on blogger, so i want some help from u.
    my blog is
    google adsense has canceled my account.
    how can i restart my account??

  6. Peter,

    How do I make my side bars/columns wider? I am not tech savvy, so if it is very complicated I will probably mess up my blog beyond all repair! I just want it large enough to fit the whole pic (I added the Monet widget). Also, is there anyone you know of who will convert a wordpress blog to blogger beta? I really don't like the template I have (Dots Dark 3 oolumn). I want my title in a header at the top, not down the side, but the only ones I found that I truly like are not beta compatible. Can you help? You seem to have the most knowledge about this kind of thing (from what I have found so far anyway)

    Thank You for your consideration

  7. One thing a lot of people sometimes forget when looking at browser usage stats is to remember WHO is looking at the site that you are taking your usage stats from.

    Namely, the sort of people who are likely to view the w3schools browser stats, or a blog about designing/developing websites/blogs, are likely to be developers/designers, who will no doubt have higher resolutions than standard users.

    Therefore, the figures will be slightly skewed in favour of higher resolutions. It's always a better choice, if possible, to view stats on a website that is viewed by a far wider range of users than just those who are visiting due to their job.

    Secondly, while looking at resolutions, you also tend to forget things such as sidebars (e.g. windows vista), or other desktop elements that mean their window widths aren't as wide as their screen resolution suggests.

    In my opinion, a lot of people still use smaller window sizes, such as 800x600 on apple ibook laptops, etc. Ignore them at your peril ;)

  8. Hi! Sir I just want you to know that all your post are really great and helpful... Everyday I visit your site to see if there is a new post that I believe it will further enhance my knowledge about blogging. I hope you will continue your great work because you help a lot of people, just like me. Thanks and GOD Bless!!!

  9. hi Peter,
    i'm using the 4 column template minima for my blog and i have encountered a few problems. i hope you can help me with it.

    1. i can't seems to get ads by google in the 2 sidebars on the right. when i add a pg element-adsense at the 2 sidebars on the right, it doesn't show any ads. it just shows a blank space there.
    I also cannot get ads by google at the bottom of my page. also blank

    2. i dunno why but my title has been pushed down about 2 inches from the blogger nav bar after i copied and pasted the adsense code into my Edit HTML where the "body" tag is.

    3. this is not a problem... just wondering if there's a way to create another page to my blog without having to set up another blog with a different URL... :)

    Hope my questions are not too silly... I'm really quite bad with this. :)
    Thank you for all your help... your sites are the best!


  10. hi sir
    u really great sir . i viewed your blogspot it amazing sir.

    i need only help sir , i have added my blogspot to webmaster tools sir ,i have one doubt whether by adding the 4 column template does it get affected with Index status and Home page crawl orelse i need to edit in script.

  11. Changing template should not affect PageRank. Perhaps you are referring to meta tags?

  12. Hi peter;

    I implemented the 4 column template in my blog and it is really cool. Got a problem with ie.
    I get "Expected Identifier error" on line 370. Any resolution for this? :)

    Thanks & Regards

  13. I think that your site is great. I would like to use the 4 column site. However, I have a fear that is something goes wrong I won't be able to use my old site. Is there any way of saving the original(old) template in case an error pops up.

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for you post… i am bookmark for you post.
    You can also get templates at []

  15. i dunno. i'm a dumbshit. i have my own domain parked. i'm waiting for blogger to accept it.

    i dunno what to do. i want a pro lookin, template. i dunno, what to do i need pro help?

  16. Hi Don,

    "i dunno, what to do i need pro help?"

    Can you please contact me via this contact form

  17. Terima kasih untuk informasinya...

  18. Hello Dr...

    where can i download this nice 4 column template.

    Terima Kasih


  19. what is this article really great, I myself was very interested in the discussion about the template 4 columns. for me it is simple and elegant


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