Saturday, September 27, 2008

Error code bX-jdokxi - what to do

Have you ever got the error code bX-jdokxi when you try to change template? I did not too long ago while trying to change the template of Blogger FAQ from Blogger Buster's Red Web 2.0 template to my own 4 column Minima template. This is what I did to solve the problem:

1. temporally changed to a standard 2 column Blogger Minima template, then try to change to the 4 column Minima template. Error message - error code bX-jdokxi

2. I found out that there were a few gadgets (formerly Page Elements) that were not deleted (left behind) when changing to the standard 2 column Blogger Minima template. I removed all gadgets (Page Elements), then only change to the 4 column Minima template I actually wanted. EUREKA. Problem solved. No error message. Template successfully changed to the 4 column Minima template.

Important reminder. Before doing anything to the template, always backup template and backup gadgets (formerly called Page Elements). After successfully changing to a new template, you can use the backup gadgets (Page Elements) to copy-paste back into the new template via the LAYOUT.

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  1. Well I wanted to thank you for posting the solution that you found for this particular bx error code! I have posted a link to your blog from my own blog - hopefully it will help others who are getting this same bx error code.

    We so often see the error codes but so seldom see a fix for them!

  2. thank you so much..

    i finally understand

  3. So does this mean we have to lose all of our customized gadgets? What part of the code are they even in??? Sometimes I really hate Blogger! Ugh.

  4. Hi hastingsfamily,

    What are you trying to do which makes you think you will lose your gadgets? If it is to change template, my advice had always being to backup gadgets which can be backed up (some like profile, archive do not need to be backed up, some like Link List cannot be backed up) and backup template before you temper with the template.

    Hate Blogger? It is one of the most user friendly blogging platform and once you get used to it you will love it.

  5. Anonymous1/01/2009

    I backed up everything.. and switched temporarily to a default template and I STILL can't upload my custom theme. :((

  6. Did you try to delete all the gadgets (page elements)?

  7. Clearing the cache, cookies or offline internet contents work for some but will not work for most users. So for those who have encountered the bX error problem when uploading a template please read the link below.

    Hope this helps ^_^

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