Saturday, September 06, 2008

Search Engine Simulator and expandable Post Summary

Search engine spider do not see a web page as a human do. Images, content generated by Javascript and Flash are not seen by search engine spiders. That is why it is good SEO practice to complete the alt for images. Now if you have implemented expandable post summary, you may be wondering if those text you put into the hidden post summary are seen by search engine spider. If you are curious, type the URL into the box below and submit and you will see what the search engine spiders see:

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Enter URL to Spider

For more information on how the search engine spiders see a web page, refer to spider view

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  1. Good one, I came to know your site through another blog, this is really a nice site for blogger tips and tricks, keep up your good work.

  2. Could be the expandable post summaries cause our site not being indexed by Google? I read it in their webmaster guidelines, they do not allow hidden text.

  3. I am not a SEO expert. Also, search engines keep on changing their algorithm. However, I believe hidden text refer to other black hat SEO like making text same color as background etc. and not expandable post summary

    Why do I say that? There are other things which is "hidden" like the alt tag for images which are seen by search engine which is good for SEO.

  4. Thanks Peter, this really help me.


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