Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog displayed in different browsers

I have written previously about the advantages of having many web browsers. Let me elaborate on one more reason why you should have many browsers.

A blogger is by default a web master responsible for the way a blog is displayed over the Internet. Any web master worth his salt would have a visitor counter and would check the statistics every now and then. Below is the browser statistics for visitors to this blog:

browser statistics bar chart
browsers statistics percentage

It shows that visitors to this blog uses varied web browsers ranging from FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and the newly introduced Chrome. It pays to check how your blog is displayed in these browsers so that you know how your blog appears to different visitors using different browsers.

For example, I viewed this blog - Guide to United States of America with different browsers and noticed that the blog title and description are displayed differently in different browsers. Below are the screen shots of how the blog displayed in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Safari, Flock and Chrome:

blog as displayed by Opera
Guide to USA as displayed by Opera

blog as displayed by Internet Explorer 7
Guide to USA as displayed by Internet Explorer 7

blog as displayed by Google Chrome
Guide to USA as displayed by Google Chrome

blog as displayed by Safari
Guide to USA as displayed by Safari

The blog Guide to USA uses Final Sense Butterfly template and displayed with only very slight difference in Chrome, Firefox, Flock, with the last part (after Rhode Island) hidden by the Google Search box. The most noticeable difference is in Opera where you can barely see the hidden portion of the description through the Google Search box. To bring that into sharper focus, I paste below the part in question below:

The other noticeable difference is in Internet Explorer 7 where the part of the description starting from North Carolina is hidden by Google Search button and the blog title is blur with shadow. Again, to bring that in sharper focus, below is portion of the blog title as displayed by Internet Explorer 7:

blur blog title with shadow as displayed by Internet Explorer 7

The above blog is only a demonstration blog so I decided not to do anything about it. If it is the main blog, I will then of course seek solution to the little problems as having part of the blog description hidden or getting a blur blog title is not quite acceptable.

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  1. Very insightful. I noticed the latest Firefox version treats html and css differently, compared to previous editions. Really something to check on a regular basis. I like sites like where you can have your site tested in various browsers.

  2. Hi, I enjoy your blog and have learnt a lot from it.

    Someone recently asked me how I put links into pictures Vic from "Stock Investment News". I tried to explain using the actual code I'd used to link a picture of a hare to Vic's recipe for hare and chocolate, but the comment facility wouldn't let me use the code, and when I tried to publish a post the Blogger program turned the code into a linked pic, which I didn't want - I wanted to show the code.

    So I've sent off a reply which I thought was less than satisfactory - could you possibly do a more in-depth post on this?

    Frugal Dougal

  3. Stumble upon your very informative blog when I am trying to solve a problem with my blog. I am using Firefox and IE. In firefox my blog page looks ok but when in IE, the right hand side column seems to "jump" to the bottom of the page. I am trying to find out how to rectify this. Can you help me or direct me to another place that can? Thanks a million

  4. I have just started to use the Flock web browser. I think it is must more superior to internet exploorer. It gets you onto the web page a lot faster. Also if you dont own a computer and work from an internet cafe as I do,you can just download and use it. Also it is designed to work with internet exploorer so it can import all your home page settings to Flock as well.Andrea.


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