Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogger Gadget Page Element backup

Previous post related to Gadgets (previously Page Elements) are screen shots of 19 Gadgets and list of gadgets with some explanation and a link to a demonstration blog Investment, money and finance.

Now if you ever have to change your blog template, most of the gadgets you installed will either be deleted or become empty. So it is best to backup the gadgets. However, not every gadgets can be backed up. Some gadgets also need no backup because they can easily be restored via the LAYOUT.

Here is a list of gadgets with those which can be backed up in red, those which need no backup in green, and those which cannot be backup in black:

  1. Blog List


  3. Slideshow

  4. Subscription Links

  5. Poll

  6. List

  7. Link List

  8. Picture

  9. AdSense

  10. Text

  11. HTML/Javascript

  12. Feed

  13. Labels

  14. Newsreel

  15. Video Bar

  16. Logo

  17. Profile

  18. Blog Archive

  19. Page Header

How to backup TEXT and HTML/Javascript Gadgets

Open/Edit the TEXT or HTML/Javascript Gadgets. For the TEXT Gadget, click EDIT HTML. For both, just highlight all everything inside the "Gadget editor" (name is my "invention" given for want of a name) by clicking inside the "Gadget editor" and press Ctrl+A keys simultaneosly, right-click and select COPY. Open a Notepad file, paste into the Notepad file and save in a suitable folder using an easily recognizable name for easy retrival.

How to restore TEXT and HTML/Javascript Gadgets

Just open the backup files, highlight by clicking ctrl+A and copy into clipboard, open the TEXT or HTML/Javascript Gadgets, paste the codes from the clipboard into the "Gadget editor" and save.

For Gadgets that cannot be backup, if you want it restored, you will just have to reconstruct. For Gadgets that need no backup, just restore them from LAYOUT.

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  1. hey since you seem really good at this stuff, i was hoping if you could help me with something. i want to know if you have the html code for the "followers" tag? thanks.

  2. Why would you want the code of the Follower gadget when Blogger has made it easy for us where we no longer have to get into the template proper?

    To find what you are asking for I will need to do some tests and unless you give a very good reason why it is needed, I think it is not worth the time to do so.

  3. The problem is that if you use blogger to upload to your own web server via ftp then it does not provide the gadget installer. The gadgets still work if you manually install them.

  4. Hi Peter - Thank you for publishing such a helpful blog. I enjoy reading what you write and have gotten a lot of help from you. :)

    I equally enjoy reading your personal blog - I'm glad your "Secret Weapon" got you smiling. You are a kind person to share all the knowledge you have...and I'm trying like mad to catch up with you knowledge-wise!

    I'll continue reading - and I'm sure your input will become even more vital now that I'm trying to build my own website. From scratch. No more Blogger. (Can you see me shaking???)

    Thanks so much!
    Katherine :)

  5. "I'm trying to build my own website. From scratch. No more Blogger."

    Wow. Great to hear you are going further.

  6. Hello, I want to ask u how to resize follower gadget in blogspot?

  7. Test at Testing Blogger in Draft revealed that Blogger has made the follower gadget fluid meaning it will adjust to the width of the container into which it is added. For example, look at the follower gadget just below the blog Header of Testing Blogger in Draft and you can see the followers gadget has been stretch to the full width of the blog.


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