Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogger Gadgets (Page Elements) and what you can do with it

This post is best read with a wide screen and at least 2 windows opened with one displaying this post and another displaying Investment, Money and Finance and minimize the 2 to display side by side, and perhaps either a third window or tab of a browser with tabbed browsing displaying screen shots of "gadget editors" for want of a better name.

I have previously written about the 19 Gadgets (Page Elements) together with a screen shot of those 19 Gadgets. If you want to see a demonstration of them excluding the Archives Labels Gadgets, have a look at the second right sidebar of Investment, Money and Finance

The Gadgets in the second (last) right sidebar of Investment, Money and Finance are in descending order:

  1. My Blog List (a more elaborate version of Link List with choice of displaying in the list, an icon, post title, snippets (extracts), thumbnail and date, all of the most recent posts. When you click "Add a blog to your list, you will be prompted to enter the blog URL


  3. Slideshow (I used the keyword "money" to display images from Flickr. You will get a choice to display slide shows of images from Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket using keywords and Album using username using a feed, or select "Other" using a feed)

  4. Subscription (for your readers to click on so as to be able to subscribe to your blog feed in a feed reader)

  5. Poll

  6. ListThis is almost link a link list because you can link the items on the list to a webpage by clicking on the link icon and then entering the URL of the webpage you want the item to be linked to. I used the title "BOOKS" for the list and link it to books at Amazon

  7. Link List or another name, blogroll. I don't like to use this as this cannot be back uped. I prefer to use HTML/Javascript gadget and hyperlinks as this can be backed up. If you do not know how to do this, ask

  8. PictureI did not add this in the demonstration blog. However, if you chose to add this, you can either chose the pictures from your computer or the web. I prefer to use HTML tag <img>

  9. AdSenseRather than using this gadget, I also prefer to generate the script myself and use the HTML/Javascript gadget. If you do not know how to do this, ask

  10. Text This TEXT gadget is practically a post editor as you will have icons to make the text bold, italic, set the color of the text, hyperlink it, block quotes, use HTML

  11. HTML/Javascript This is the gadget I use most often as there is a great variety of things you can do with this even if you don't know HTML or Javascript, you only need to know where to get the codes and paste them into this gadget. It can also be easily backed up

  12. Feed For your readers to click on and subscribe to your blog feed

  13. Labels This is a list. Other blogging platform call this categories

  14. Newsreel I added financial news in the demonstration

  15. Video Bar I added video with keyword "Money"

  16. Logo

  17. Profile not added in demo

  18. Archive not added in demo

  19. Page Header This would be present in practicall all blogs

I will follow up with a post on backing up gadgets or page elements later.

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  1. Hi, I haven't been able to find this answer -- I'm sure it's something simple -- I don't know if I can even ask this the right way or if this is the right place to ask. Anyway, posting photos within posts are no problem but when I choose the "picture" gadget and try to upload a photo from my Photobucket account, I can't do it (from "my computer" is fine). When I try to use Photobucket, it says, "image not selected" (or something like that -- this is after I've put the link in). What am I doing wrong?

  2. I just tested Pictures gadget at Investment money and finance and successfully added a photo of my grandson from Photobucket without any problem. I suspect you may have taken the wrong code from Photobucket. There are 4 and the URL you should take is the second one which starts with a http://

  3. Dear Sir, You are my guru for blogger and I have amply used tips at my blog for Indian stock tips and provide result oriented tips free of cost like you. You deserve my salute. Regards

  4. Hello Peter..I think your blog is invaluable. I have a question about rss subscriptions element. Blogger let you add the RSS Sub as a side bar element. But I want to add it to the bottom of each of my post. How do I do this?

  5. Why would you want the subscription button at the bottom of every posts? I would not want that as it would be redundant. If you really want it, perhaps you can use an image hyperlink to a page where your visitor can subscribe to your feed.

  6. I have a question - do you have any idea how to solve the problem I have on my blog with minimizing extremely long link lists? I cannot find a gadget that allows for a drop down menu or scroll bar. What I am looking for is basically a gadget like the Blogger Archive one - but for things in a list. On our blog we have a very long Travelogue list of places we have been and would like to visit. I would love for it to be able to display 5 or 10 items and then you could select a drop down to view the rest of the list. Or if we wanted to create a list for music concerts we could have just the musical group name showing and if you clicked on the group name it would bring you to a separate page with the list of links to each concert. Do you have any solution for that kind of thing?

  7. You can always use a HTML/Javascript gadget and enclose active clickable hyperlink in a scroll box

  8. Hi Peter, thank you for a very helpful blog. What I would like to know is how can you tell if people have subscribed to your blog via e-mail or RSS? I have this gadget on my blog, and on my dashboard I can see my followers, but I can't seem to see if anyone receives e-mail feeds from me. Many thanks!

  9. Blogger Tips and Tricks DAM!!!!! your site is ugly man and your giving other people advise on there blogs Got to laugh at that one.
    Sorry man but your site set up is UGLY!!!!!!

  10. For Helen J,

    I think you are referring to the delicious categories cloud. Recently Amazon also added their categories cloud and if you ask for it, I can do another post for Amazon categories cloud.

  11. What a great site you have! Thank you... I have a question (perhaps a simple one). When I add a picture gadget, the picture falls off the right side. How can I make it smaller? Some of my earlier picture gadgets are smaller and tidier, but I can't seem to create this anymore (and I'm not sure how I did it then). Thanks a bunch if you are able to help.

  12. How did you add the picture? If using ADD A PICTURE Gadget, you can choose SHRINK TO FIT. If using image tag <img>, add width="x" where x is any number equal or less than the width of the sidebar. Thus

    <img src="photo URL" width="x" />

  13. Thank you for responding...I used "add a picture" gadget and I already had "shrink to fit" selected. How do I add a sidebar image using image tag?

  14. I got it! Instead of using normal-sized pics, I used a tiny bitmap and it came through smaller and without running over the right side of the sidebar. Thanks so much for your site and your help...

  15. Hello,
    I just found your blog.
    Can you help me?
    The "pictures of my followers" has dissapeared. I want them back. What do I do?
    Thanks for your help.


  16. The glitch in the Follower gadget is a known problem and I believe they are working on it. I suppose you will need patience and wait.

  17. Hi Peter - just joined your site - and I found you hunting for the answer to a few questions. I hope you could give me some suggestions...I have a blog already that I had no problem adding photos to the header and gadgets through "my computer" - but now a new blog I have created with the same template will not allow me to do it. It doesn't respond at all to the request. In fact, I can't even add a blog link through gagdets - won't respond to that either. Frustrated! Any ideas...?
    Thank you,

  18. I am lost as to how to respond. Perhaps to try using different browser which would be what I would do when I don't know what to do. Another might be to changing template after backing template and backing up Page Elements (gadgets)

    If that doesn't work, come back and tell us what is the URLs of your 2 blogs especially the one where ADD A GADGET doesn't work.

  19. Okay..my follower gadget has suddenly dissappeared..I tried removing and putting it back but nothing is working..you say it is a known issue..now what do I do?

  20. You can try posting your problem at Blogger Help Forum.

  21. ok - I hope you can help. I created my blog yesterday. Today i wanted to find out why I couldn't find it on google. So - I paid for a custom domain. Now all my followers are gone. It says that the gadget doesn't work and that I need to make sure on the friends settings that is shows my correct url. I CAN'T FIND FRIENDS SETTINGS! Can you help? Will I lose all the followers I gained last night?

  22. So you converted to custom domain. That means your blog now will have a new URL. I believe that the Followers gadget is based on the blog URL which uses the blogspot URL.

    I believe you may be able to get your old followers gadget working again by reverting back to the old blogspot address, but I have never experienced this before so cannot guarantee that it will be so.

    I also suspect you may be able to first remove the Followers gadget then install it again and start from scratch.

    Perhaps it would be wiser not to do anything yet while I do more research and see if I can offer something more concrete.

  23. Hello
    I need some help
    A few months ago I added some gagdets like daily dog facts by searching for them on Add a Gadget. But recently I couldn't find any of them by searching. The same thing happened to my friend. She added some gadgets to her blog, and now on her new blog she wants to add the too but can't find them. Can you help me please?

  24. If I understand you correctly, you have implemented some "daily dog facts" gadget and now want the same gadget for another blog but now cannot find the gadget in the LAYOUT?

    If so, this is my response. That gadget is probably a third party gadget which Blogger at one time found fit to include but probably for some reasons now have excluded or which its creator have stopped offering. I don't think there is anything we can do.

  25. Peter, you appear to know the techie part of blogger and I have a question that maybe you can answer.
    I uploaded a widget video for my site, it looks great and shows in the full screen with mozilla fox, however it only shows in half width using internet explorer.
    I realize most people probably use explorer and don't see the full affect of the video. Can you offer any suggestions for this issue? Thank you in advance for your help.
    You can preview my site to see the problem; http://serenityindesign.blogspot.com

  26. Your video is too wide for the sidebar. You will either have to make the sidebar wider or resize the video to fit the existing sidebar width:

    How to find width of sidebar

    Embed video in sidebar

    How to change sidebar width

    Testing embedding video in Blogger

    Testing embedding live video

  27. Wow, Peter that worked, I made the main and sidebar the same, 400px...now my sidebar is a little too close the the left side, can you view it now and suggest what to do, the video is exactly the size I want...thank you so much for your help.

  28. hello i have a small question .how can i add many pictures together in blogger with links on them?i try using the picture gadget but it only allows me 1 picture with link .i am kinda stuck i need your help :)

  29. Hello Peter. I have just recently started a blog where I refer to a lot of different 'source' websites and would like to know how/if I can simply post links to websites in my posts but so that they are clickable?
    My blog: http://eye-catchlings.blogspot.com/
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  30. I'm looking for a way to essentially add a list of Newsreels (or one long one) to where my blog content would go (on the left) without having the "powered by Google" be displayed. Essentially I want to having running content for specific companies.

    Also, I'm looking for the copy for a LinkedIn graphic (and do you know if I can link directly to a group that I am the administrator of).


  31. You probably need to hunt for a gadget, not necessarily by Blogger, to do what you want (Oops, you said in the content ie main column but maybe....later)

    Now go to layout and check third party's gadget I think there are tons there.

    Meanwhile, if manage to find a suitable gadget, perhaps you may consider editing template to add an extra "Add a gadget" to the main column.

    See the top of the main column in this blog. That search box was added in that way.

  32. Hey Pete, please help.When uploading a photo for my header the pic doesn't shrink to fit despite this option being clicked! ? Used to work fine.

  33. Most time when I don't know what to do, I will just try using a different browser. Some prefer to clear cache and cookies but my preference is to change browser. When nothing helps, time to report to Blogger Help Forum. Do keep us updated on your problem.

  34. Is there a way to break my "Blog List" into catagories? I.E. Family, Crafts, Recipes. At the moment I just have one LONG list of blogs I follow. Thanks!

  35. I believe you can although I have never tried it. I believe all you need to do to to create as many blog list as you want categories and put the name of the category in the blog list. Please try it and report back the success if any (I am very confident it will be a success, but anyway...)

  36. I post a poll gadget on my blog and the poll doesn't work at all

  37. List the steps you used to create that poll and perhaps then we can see what the problem may be.

  38. why can't i see amazon gadgets in my blogspot site? i could see it before changing the url to my blogspot site but after i changed it.. the three gadgets that i added, amazon search, amazon adverson mp3 player are not showing up. what should i do? i'v created another amazon account with my new url.. still, no effect..

  39. Instead of spending time trying to work that out, why not just go sign into associates.amazon.com and generate the script to copy-paste into a HTML/Javascript gadget and save lots of time troubleshooting.

  40. I realize this is an old post but thought I'd throw out my question anyway. Do you know how to make it so that a gadget shows on all pages associated with a blog except one page? I just want one of my pages to not show a gadget... Thanks!


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