Saturday, October 11, 2008

Branding and blogs

Brand is powerful stuff. The CocaColaTM brand is known worldwide. Consultancy Interbrand estimated Coca-Cola's brand to be worth $67.5 billion (£39 billion or 55 billion euros). That sure is a huge amount of money. Google, Yahoo, Blogger are all branded and each have their logo. In addition, all their web pages are distinguished by a distinct favicon like those below:

Yahoo! faviconstatcounter faviconBlogger Tips and Tricks faviconmail faviconGoogle FaviconBlogger favicon

Perhaps Blogger Tips and Tricks should be branded too and have its own logo and favicon?

As per favicon, this blog already has one as you can see from the address bar above. I used my profile photo for the favicon. However, the blog Header is plain, no decoration. Perhaps I should add the profile photo to the blog Header as in Advertising Tips and Tricks.

I am no website designer, graphic artist nor brand management expert so had simply used my profile photo as a quickie logo for Advertising Tips and Tricks as a demonstration. But if I am to be really serious about branding, I should perhaps think of name creation and domain name and trademark availability testing and use custom domain.

Peter Chen's nice graphic signature


  1. I apologize in advance for the spelling mistakes I could have done for English is not my mother language. I finished here as a result of trying to find some help in customizing my sidebar. ( My blog is: Your explanations are really very clear and to the point. Despite of this, I have not been able to make the changes I really want. But really, I loved the trip I made surfing your blog, and will be visiting in the future.


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