Monday, October 27, 2008

Error code bX-4d29hg - what to do

I had earlier wrote about Error code bX-jdokxi - what to do. I got another error message when I tried to change the template of Isaac Low's blog. The error code was bX4d29hg. I did the same thing as for Error code bX-jdokxi. I backed up Gadgets (Page Elements). (I didn't backup template because the blog was relatively new, but it is always a good idea to backup template whenever you are making changes to the template. I then deleted the all the gadgets. After deleting all the gadgets I had no problem changing to the 4 column Minima template.

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  1. Thank you very much Peter:)
    You are the best

  2. how i can do my blog? Now my blog is show error plase help me something admin..thanks you....

  3. I never experienced Eror bX-lteqmi bloggers on the draft

    I never experienced or get an error message from bloggers such as the image below, I am sad and dizzy seven roving ... ... looking for solutions at Google think of the ... ... .. So one day I remind my blog ID number, which I store neatly in Notepad.

  4. Hi Peter. Just to add in.

    when the error happened, switch your browser to internet explorer. For eg: You are using mozilla, then switch it to I.E. You will see the error vanished completely. Thanks. I just trying to help fellows.

    See if it is works. But it does work on me. I experienced it many times.

    Many thanks and Regards.

  5. Hi peter plase help me I have code bX-btce2j so what can I do to solving problem

  6. What did you do just before you got that error message?

  7. hi peter saya ada masalah blog..bila saya uplod templet baru meseg We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

    When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

    * Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
    * Provide the following error code and additional information.

    Additional information
    blogID: 5303197810149477910
    uri: /html

    apa yang saya perlu buat? harap dapat membantu

  8. Ada 2 kali I cuba upload template dan 2 kali dapat error messages. Saya mengatasi masalah itu dengan cara yang di huraikan dalam pos ini, ia itu,

    1. backup template

    2. backup gadgets (Page Elements)

    3. Tukar ke template yang boleh didapati terus dari Blogger (standard template)

    4. Cuba tukar dari standard template ke template yang dihendaki

    5. Kalau masih ada masalah, delete semua gadgets/page elements dan cuba semula

  9. Hi! I'm having the same bX problem and need your help!
    Can you please explain step by step how to backup the element and template???

    just like:
    1. CLick this
    2. Go there

    This is very urgent! I really need your help! Thanks

    im so sick of the error..==
    i just cant solve it..
    anyone can help me??
    i still dont really understand..
    do i really need t delete all the gadgets for solving this problem??

  11. That is the way I solved the problem twice.

  12. My question right now is why won't my blog allow readers to comment. I have gone into Setting and comments, then I clicked sho, anyone can comment, etc. But only my original post offers the chance to comment. Is there a way to fix this or something that I misses? My blog is nickandcynthia.blogspot.

  13. Try going into the LAYOUT, click the EDIT for the Blog post (center portion) and make sure those boxes related to comments are ticked.

  14. many thanks to ms ammie purple for her tips up there..
    solved my problem :)

  15. =="
    now i got 2 error code..==
    bX-7iq6wn and bX-b593ma
    i just delete those gadgetd(all) like u still give me error code..==
    and i try to upload my backup also give me error..==
    can help me wit this problem??

  16. Thanks a lot for the solution mate.
    Much appreciated.

  17. I'm trying to install on a "test" blog before I install on my real one, so I don't lose everything or have to start all over 8million times. Even after deleting all gadgets, I'm still getting the bX-928o1o error. I found this fix from a link in the Blogger help area pertaining to the bX-928o1o error. Any help?

  18. Try to change to old classic Blogger template, then upgrade to New Blogger xml template (chose any standard Blogger xml template), and then only try to upload your new template. Do give us feedback on whether that helps.

  19. Clearing the cache, cookies or offline internet contents work for some but will not work for most users. So for those who have encountered the bX error problem when uploading a template please read the link below.

    Hope this helps ^_^

  20. Hi Peter -

    I'm wondering if maybe you can help me...

    When I click on the 'Edit HTML' tab under 'Edit Layout', I get an error message. I got the first one a couple of months ago and submitted the Blogger Error Form and waited patiently. I've gotten two other error messages since (#1 = bX-m1d4ad, #2 = bx-loee32 and #3 = bX-hfttdc). I can't get to the point where I can see any HTML at all.

    I've tried using a different browser, but that didn't help either. And the Blogger Help Groups aren't very helpful :(

    I was wondering if you knew what would happen if I tried to switch over to another template... Do you know if I would lose any old blog entries? I was thinking that if I changed templates, that might shake off the error messages and then I could go back to the template I like.

    I know I might lose my elements, but those would be easy enough to replace. I'm just worried about my archived blog entries... or is there a way to back those up?

    Any ideas or input you have would be greatly appreciated - thank you!


  21. Well, since you already knows that changing template may cause Page Elements (gadget) to be deleted and you know how to backup gadgets, you shouldn't be afraid to change template. Changing template do not affect posts and archives. I have done that many times. If you want you can try to backup your blog.

  22. Hi Peter -

    I just wanted to thank you for reassuring me that I wouldn't lose my archives... My plan worked perfectly - all I did was change templates and then change back again and I am now error-message free.

    Although I had everything backed up, Blogger kept all my widgets... I only needed to put back in the extras I had added into my HTML (background, favicon, etc.).

    I can now play around again - thanks again!

    ...and I am going to try and backup all my old posts :)


  23. thanks a lot Peter

  24. thanks very much for the tips..! it's very useful..!

  25. How do I fix Fatal error when installing 1993 program to Windows XP?

    Thank you....
    Brad Fallon


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