Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HTML/Javascript gadget for blogroll

It is good practice to backup template and backup gadgets. However, not all Blogger gadgets (formerly called Page Elements) can be backed up. The Blogger Link List (blogroll) cannot be backed up. If your blogroll is very long, you may want to put the blogroll in a scroll box. The Blogger Link List (blogroll) also cannot be contained in a scroll box.

My preference for a blogroll had always been to use a HTML/Javascript gadget and hyperlinks instead. I shall detail below the HTML for such a purpose below:

<a href="URL of blog no. 1">title of blog no. 1</a><br />
<a href="URL of blog no. 2">title of blog no. 2</a><br />
<a href="URL of blog no. 3">title of blog no. 3</a><br />
<a href="URL of blog no. 4">title of blog no. 4</a><br />
and so on.

There is one more thing you can do with this method that you cannot (not really cannot, but you will have to tamper with the template) with Blogger Link List - make the links open in new tabs or windows. When you use the HTML/Javascript gadget to make your Link List, all you have to do is to add target="_blank" or target="new" as shown below

<a href="URL of blog no. 1" target="_blank">title of blog no. 1</a><br />
<a href="URL of blog no. 2" target="_blank">title of blog no. 2</a><br />
<a href="URL of blog no. 3" target="_blank">title of blog no. 3</a><br />
<a href="URL of blog no. 4" target="_blank">title of blog no. 4</a><br />

Plus you can save such a blogroll by copying them into a Notepad file and saving them for future uses.

Update: This post How to change template without losing widgets says widgets (gadgets or Page Elements) can be transferred from the old template to the new template. I have not and probably will not test it out, but if true, you can sort of backup your gadgets including Link List by backing up your template. I probably would not test it out because I have faced enough problems getting bX errors or "your template cannot be parsed ....." messages when changing template for me to prefer to stick with what I have described at backup gadgets (page elements). If you ever try to do what the above post and succeeded without getting error messages, please leave a comment

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  3. Hello.

    I have searched the blogger help for help and the only result im coming up with over and over is your page. :) i am hoping that you can help me with something. Im trying to add the google translator gadget to my blog but i cant make it work. Al the information just isnt helping me at al. I hope that you can help me, if you dont mind please mail me at sbn@live.se how to do it if you dont mind helping out a frustrated blogger :)

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  5. Yep, backup is always first step before I change something in template. :)

  6. I was not understand, but after reading the article I understand thank you for sharing

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  7. hi!
    i cant delete a gadget about counting the visits, what can i do?

  8. Peter - any thoughts on why when I "add my own gadget" it says "this gadget appears broken". It's just a simple www. site with an image and link?

  9. thank you you are very helpful, I have question I hope you could help me with, see the thing is that I have so many awards, blogroll, etc that I don't want them in my blog anymore I just want to have a link to their own display page, but I don't want to start another blog just to display them, is there naything you could advice me.

  10. Anonymous11/27/2008

    I learn this from my old blog.. i coded my site and forgot to back up the template messed up so bad i just left it hanging lol. started a new blog. great post 5/5

  11. Anyone can help me? I cant put my own image as background on my blog.

    What i tired:
    1) Layout-> Edit Html -> Revert to Classic Template -> Use Frontpage to make the whole blog with background. It Works but all my data was gone. (Details: Cant acess those link on my picture, and cant access any of my post)
    2) using the upgraded template i cant put the background pic in.

    Any help?

  12. Anonymous12/02/2008

    hello i want to insert some html tags in my post as u have done here.

    i tried div,table,text area but all are displaying an error message while i press post button.

    Blogger displaying a msg like 'html,div' codes are not alloowed.

    Please reply me soon

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  14. i'm reading it for the second time,.. and still can't get it :p

  15. hey peter!!!
    what happened to your old blogs
    please tell
    your so good teachin everyone

  16. Hello, I have a problem with the URL of a gadget I am trying to make and add it to my blog. When I click "Add by URL" button, the page says URL contains illegal characters. However, other people managed to put it up on Facebook. What does that mean and what should I do?

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  18. You can't use Frontpage for your blog

  19. News Provider,

    Sorry, don't understand your problems.

  20. For Faraz,

    Get as many active hyperlinks to you blog in as many blogs or websites like directories, as possible. Most important - good content.

  21. ADhype421,

    Sorry don't understand your problem

  22. Sarathganesh,

    Do you mean Tips and tricks for Blogger 2? That is an inactive blog.

  23. For Sin,

    Perhaps if you describe your problem in greater details perhaps then I can help.

  24. For Franco,

    Try putting the blogroll or awards in a post and provide a active hyperlinks to the post/s in your sidebar.

  25. TrendsKent,

    Sorry don't understand your problem

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  27. thanks for your post it, and we can copy this tag on your 'source page',we can see 'page source' by click right on the site before change template, and select 'view page source',after you can press 'ctrl+f' to find word you want.

  28. For Claire,

    What visitor counter did you use and how did you add it to your blog?

  29. I agree that my blog would look better if people could scroll my links. I like to post the links of facebook friends but it's becoming a bit unwieldy. I can see the logic of your code. I have no idea where or even if it is permissable to get into blogger to change the formate from a long list of blogs to a scrolling list of blogs. Wouldn't it be better for blogger to provide that option than having people like me trying to do what they have no idea how to do.

  30. Hi! Thanks for setting this up to help other bloggers! :) Lets see. I wanted to get a different template for my blog, you see and found plentiful. The directions were simple. Simply to copy the new html code over the old. I am able to do with the classic version but a template I sorely wanted was in xml version and can be used only for the new blogger. The directions were the same. Simply to paste the new html code over the old. However, when I did this, it said there was an error and id I went ahead to save this template, my widgets would be deleted (such as my profile, links and html). How do I get past this error?

  31. Selamat Hari,

    What you should do is to backup existing template and backup gadgets (Page Elements) and after changing template, put them back.

    Regarding error messages hope these can help:

    Error code ???, what to do

    Error code ????, what to do

  32. Hello again Peter,
    I have found a way to change the template without losing the widgets(if it's what you asked for)
    Please check out my site below for the answer.


    I think I understand news providers problem,
    He wants to type html tags as text in posts.The tags are not to have any function but should be like dummies.

    I also need just one more help(for myself)
    Can you recommend any site where I can get free widgets without any backlinks or something that counts the page hits and unique visits.

    About previous comment:
    I meant


  33. Can you help me out about blogger gadget. certain of it have a gadget that movable. But my sponsor ads is at the HTML area. i want to make it a gadget that can be movable help me out.

  34. I am sorry I don't understand your question.


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