Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SEO tip: upload images whenever you can

hits from image searches

Small SEO tip - upload an image or images to your blog post whenever you can. Why? I have visitor counters in practically all my blogs and occasionally check them to find out where my visitors are coming from. It is not infrequent that I find hits from image searches. For example, look at a portion of today's hits to Natural Remedies. Of the first 4 hits, 2 (50%) are from image searches.

I am not suggesting that you will get lots of hits from image searches, but I am pretty sure you will get at least some. In fact, in some of my very low traffic blogs, more than 50% of the hits were from image searches. However, to balance things out, this is the highest traffic blog that I have, but I don't get anything even near to 50% of the hits from image searches. I do get at least some from image searches, and for that, I am very grateful.

So if you want hits from search engines, do upload or include (<img>) images whenever possible. Do remember also to complete the alt="" attribute as search engines cannot read images but they do read the text you put in between the quotation marks "" of the alt="" tag.

However, just so that you do not get too high an expectation, how many hits from image searches will depend on the type of blog you have and its Page Rank.

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  1. Does it really make any sense? It images aren't relevant to the post, it sounds bit artificial.

  2. Sense? It depend on motivation. Some people go to extreme to try to get traffic to the extend of sounding artificial. Some bloggers just publish naturally without bothering to think about SEO. These are 2 extreme and most bloggers are somewhere in between.

    As far as this tip is concerned, I am just reporting what I see in my visitors statistics my reaction to it, that is, wherever POSSIBLE, I try to include images in my posts.

  3. Hi Peter, what do u think about monetizing your images by hosting them in services like like what I did in my blog?

  4. Hi Mars,

    Monetize, how monetize? I followed the URL you gave and straight away got a pop-up which most surfers detest. And there was no mention of monetizing at

  5. I am not aware of the pop-up.

    Shareapic pays you whenever someone clicks an image hosted in their servers. Currently, the rate is $0.22 every 1000 views.

  6. Hi Mars,

    Leave another comment and give us some URLs to some of your photos. I want to have a look at them and see how they earn from photos. Maybe I can recommend them to other bloggers.

  7. Ok. Maybe I will try your tip, not with my "SEO" blog, but other blog, which is more about entertainment etc. stuff.

    Is it possible to use alt-tag or similar with embedded youtube videos?

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  10. I just wanted to say that I love this blog and have been applying many of the tips and tricks on my blogs and have been having great success! Thanks for the tips!

    Wold love to exchange blogroll links with my blog if you would be willing.

    Hope all is well, thanks again!

  11. ya it works. For my fashion blog i have upload some picture and got hit from that

  12. Hi! Good points! Like to add that Title="same as alt goes here" can be added.

    All the best,

  13. could you please tell me how to use img tags and how to make sitemaps with .txt files and upload them ??
    My blog is
    I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions to improve this blog.

  14. I'd guess that only certain images would get a lot of search traffic, just as certain phrases do or don't. I get a couple dozen hits every week just because one time, a long time ago, I referenced a website that had a page that showed Nigerian Clothing. Anybody looking for something roughly related to that, has my my blog (other blog) come up. I'd rather get hit for something I write or picture.

  15. For Sanu, do not have access to server but uses a workaround utilizing the RSS feed. See Google sitemap for blog.

    When you upload photos via upload image icon in post editor, tag is added for you. It is when you host your photo with photo hosts like Photobucket that you use <img src="URL of photo" alt="" title="" /&gr;

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  18. So images are a way to get traffic into my site, but what other ways are you aware of?

  19. I can't find the alt="" tag anywhere in my image codes...Do I add it, or am I just not looking in the right place?

  20. How do you upload or make your image display?


    <a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""><img style="display:block; margin:0px auto 10px; text-align:center;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 373px; height: 194px;" src="" border="0" alt="hits from image searches"id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5265131263403702754" title="hits from image searches" /></a>

  21. Thanks Peter, I will try it when I get back posting new videos. Since youtube is now widescreen, I don't want to post new videos to my current blog layout.

  22. nice post and worth to try upload images at our post

    keep smile :)

  23. I've found that at times I've gotten more traffic on my blog than on my main website simply due to images searches. Any way we can apply what makes that work to our web pages or is this a function of having it in the blog world?
    I'm also a Zazzler and found I got more traffic from searches or Zazzle in general than from my site store. For some reason I connect these two trends to being part of a larger searchable community, but i have no way to substantiate that...

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