Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advantages of Google AdSense URL and custom channels

One disadvantage of adding Google AdSense directly from Blogger LAYOUT is that you cannot use custom channel to track the performance of your ad units. Fortunately, there is also URL channels which tracks the total earnings from a particular blog (URL). Now if you track the custom channels for AdSense units generated directly from Google AdSense, then by simple subtraction of the total earnings from custom channels from the total earnings for the blog (URL) you can get what is left, that is earnings from the AdSense units inserted directly from the Blogger LAYOUT placed after each each post. This was how I was able to get a Google AdSense channels report for this blog which is my main blog for bloggers.

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Enable surfers to apply to Blogger private blog for permission to view

Many bloggers wants surfers to be able to apply for permission to view private blogs. Previously this was possible by typing a message (for example email address) into the private blog title. Blogger changed that. Private blogs no longer display blog titles, only the URL of the private blog. Now the only way to get a message to surfers on how to apply for permission to view private blogs is to add that message into the blog URL. Look at the screen shot below for example:

email in blog title to enable surfers to apply for permission to view private blogs

In the example above, the blog title is

An alert surfers should be able to guess that he or she need to write to to request permission to view blog. As for the blog title, you can set it to whatever you may wish. It is not the ideal solution, but the only available option at the moment unless Blogger changes how private blogs are displayed again.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Words ignored by search engines

A previous post SEO with post title mentioned that certain words are ignored by search engines. That elicited a request from a blogger what words are ignored by search engines. According to a compilation by Tsu Dho Nimh, some 655 words are ignored. Here is a sample beginning with a:

a able about above abroad according accordingly across actually adj after afterwards again against ago ahead ain't all allow allows almost alone along alongside already also although always am amid amidst among amongst an and another any anybody anyhow anyone anything anyway anyways anywhere apart appear appreciate appropriate are aren't around as a's aside ask asking associated at available away awfully

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