Sunday, December 14, 2008

Enable surfers to apply to Blogger private blog for permission to view

Many bloggers wants surfers to be able to apply for permission to view private blogs. Previously this was possible by typing a message (for example email address) into the private blog title. Blogger changed that. Private blogs no longer display blog titles, only the URL of the private blog. Now the only way to get a message to surfers on how to apply for permission to view private blogs is to add that message into the blog URL. Look at the screen shot below for example:

email in blog title to enable surfers to apply for permission to view private blogs

In the example above, the blog title is

An alert surfers should be able to guess that he or she need to write to to request permission to view blog. As for the blog title, you can set it to whatever you may wish. It is not the ideal solution, but the only available option at the moment unless Blogger changes how private blogs are displayed again.

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  2. Anonymous12/20/2008

    ack... I've just made a blogspot - love the layout, features, etc. Then I came to the permissions part, and I was surprised to find that people can't simply click on "Request Permission" or something, ala Facebook.

    So when people want to view my blog, I need to get their email address to add it... :-/

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  4. Then how do you type more than one email in the URL?

  5. You can, for example, put 2 email address in the blog URL, separated say, by a -. The only thing is you will end up with a very odd very long blog URL.

  6. Hi Peter,
    Very informative information indeed. However, blogger only allows up to 100 ppl to view the private blogs only?

    Any idea where i can find a website that allows me to invite more ppl ?

    Thanks :)


  7. I don't use Wordpress but that probably has what you seek


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