Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google Blogger for Dummies book by Susan Gunelius

Google Blogger for Dummies book coverThe book that I had wanted to write, Blogger for Dummies is now available from Amazon. I wished I can say I am the author, but sadly (for me, not for her) is is written by prolific writer Susan Gunelius. Below is the book Google Blogger for Dummies's Content at a glance:

Contents at a Glance
Part I: Introducing Google Blogger
Chapter 1: Choosing Blogger as Your Blogging Software
Chapter 2: Welcome to the Blogosphere
Chapter 3: Blogging Basics and Buzzwords
Part II: Using Google Blogger
Chapter 4: Getting Started with Blogger
Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Blog
Chapter 6: Writing and Publishing Blog Posts
Chapter 7: Enhancing Your Blog with Templates
Chapter 8: Adding Features and Functionality with Elements and Gadgets
Chapter 9: Managing Your Blog
Part III: Making Money with Blogger
Chapter 10: The Business of Blogging
Chapter 11: Maximizing Revenue with Google AdSense
Part IV: Growing Your Audience
Chapter 12: The Power of Networking and Relationship Building
Chapter 13: Boosting Your Search Engine Ranking
Part V: Extending Your Blog
Chapter 14: Growing or Downsizing Your Blog
Chapter 15: Blogging from Different Media
Chapter 16: Moving Beyond Blogger 7
Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 17: Ten Useful Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Sites
Chapter 18: Ten Common Blogger Problems and Possible Solutions
Chapter 19: Ten Places to Find Free Blogger Themes and Templates

For a more complete TOC (Table of Content), refer to Google Blogger for Dummies Table of Content

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Effect of custom domain conversion on traffic and PageRank

As you know, Blogger has introduced custom domain whereby you can register your own domain name and use it for your blog instead of the sub-domain of Some may be deterred from using custom domain because it involves a change of URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and PageRank of the blog reduced to being not ranked, both which may reduce the traffic to the blog.

Last year I finally decided to make the leap and convert one of my less traffic blog, to custom domain, namely

Regarding PageRank, it did get downgraded from a PageRank of 4 to being not ranked at all. However, the PageRank of Blogger book has now increased to PageRank 1 and is expected to increase as time goes by. The best of all is, it appear that PageRank is not that crucial to getting hits (traffic) as the conversion to custom domain, despite the PageRank downgrad, did not decrease. In fact, from an average of 3020 unique visitors per month from the month of January to October (before conversion), the number of unique visitors have increased to 3976, an increase of 32% (see screen shot below):

However, before I convert, I saved all the permalink prior to conversion to custom domain to test whether the old permalink will be redirected to the new custom domain permalink. I am happy to report that all the old permalink is being effortlessly redirected to the new custom domain permalink (individual post URL).

statcounter statistics for custom domain conversion

Update 1:Unlike where you have your own domian and have to pay for hosting, conversion to custom domain will cost you nothing for hosting. Blogger will how for you free. You only pay for registration and renewal of the domain.

Update 2: A blogger has complained that after conversion, traffic went down to almost zero. It turned out that the blogger registered the domain direct from Godaddy. In my case, I registered using Google Apps via SETTINGS > PUBLISHING, paid for the registration and did the conversion to custom domain all within Blogger, never directly through Godaddy. Looks like most of those bloggers experiencing problems with custom domain did it via Godaddy.

Disclaimer: Do not take this as an encouragement to covert to custom domain as this is my personal experience and may or may not be replicable

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