Friday, February 06, 2009

Bloggers Tips and Tricks new URL (custom domain)

This blog has converted to custom domain and the new blog URL is Those who are following this blog please take note.


  1. I just switched one of my blogs to a custom domain as well. The thing is, I already had it on a custom domain - a sub-domain from my main site. How do I update my site feed or do I even need to?

    Thanks and thanks for the blog! Truly helpful information!

  2. P.S.: After posting the last comment, I clicked on the title above to return to the blog and got this:

    This page is parked free, courtesy of Google Apps

    It was just a Google banner farm.

  3. Yes, unfortunately that will be the case for sometime, hopefully not more than 3 days. I did the custom domain conversion on Friday. Today is the second day. Hopefully the problem will cease after tomorrow.

  4. After I changed my doman from to, (word "blogspot" removed) my Page Rank turn to zero. It also decrease traffic and income. Who said PR are not important huh?

    However, I've got a lot of subscribers, so it help me maintain taraffic.

    Before I switched my blog URL, most of my post are copy and paste by other bloggers. Then after switched (upside down happend) Google consider my blog as plagiarism!

    It take 6 months to get PR2. Actullay it was PR4! Oh, I'am so sad.

  5. Hi there!

    Very informed site, very nice!! I am also using custom domain for my blogger via FTP.
    and was wondering how you managed to show the numbers of posts for each label (or categories).

    that is the only thing i cant figure out on ftp blogger. If you can help me out on this issue, i will be super duper appriciated!!!!

    take care,

  6. Publishing via FTP means you must be using old classic Blogger template, so you cannot have LAYOUT with Label gadget. Refer to label count for old classic Blogger template?.

    If you want to have a list of labels in the sidebar, that can only be done using a list of active hyperlink and that cannot have label count as they are just ordinary hyperlinks.

  7. Hi Peter,

    I am just curious on why you have decided to convert your blogs into a custom domain. (as I believe this would also hurt your pageranking because your URL now is changed)

    Thanks! ^_^


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