Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Google Account Deleted - What to do

Blogger account is associated with a Google account. It is not rare to hear a blogger screaming for help after he deleted his Google account for that deletion will affect the Blogger account. So what should one do if one accidentally deleted the Google account? One should immediately report to Google Account Contact Form. There is a window of about a week to appeal, after which the Google Account will be permanently deleted.

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  1. Hi peter,
    It's me again, Sorry this is off topic but I just want to know how you can increase the size of the photo I want to insert in my blogger post. I already put large, but when I try to increase the size by dragging, it becomes pixelated even though the orig picture is big. Hope you can help, thanks...

  2. Hi Peter,
    Sorry this is off topic too but I need help man. I want to add the "read more" function to my posts but I m failing. I tried everything i googled but still no luck. Please please help me Peter. What is your email add so i can sent you the html codes for my blog for correction


  3. Refer to expandable post summary. I have received many positive comments for that post with many saying its instructions are easy to follow.

  4. hai,thanks for the tip.

  5. hi, I have a questions, I wanna put some links above my header (outside the actual wrapper/frames) but i don't really know where it goes in the html template. i was wondering if you could help me, thanks

  6. thanks, but i tried that, I want links embed outside of the frame, and when I try that my links and my headder imager appear inside the same frame.
    i you don't know what i'm refering too just visit my blog and look at the footer and you'll see the links in black.
    thanks you so much. I' looked all over the internet and can't find anything about it.

  7. Hello.I cant find anything revelant to what I'm going to ask right now but nevertheless here goes.Uhh so what I wanted to know is how can I highlight the words that people search for in my search box at the top of my blogsite.I was wondering if you know how I can do that and send the codes to only let the word be highlighted when people search in the search box on my site and not from google or anything else.Anyway man, many thanks if you are able to answer my question...take care :)

  8. Peter---this is about links----
    I was able to post comments and add a link to a word last week----It now says no http allowed---do you know if there is a way to link now? The guide you have under links no longer works.


  9. Don't know which you are referring to but perhaps you can try BBCode (for bulletin board). Try
    [url=http...]anchor text[/url]

  10. Anonymous3/12/2009

    I wonder which situation that Google will delete or ban one blog in your blogger account?

    For example, I use Blogger to create a blog, and the blog spends many bandwidth per day (300Gb/1 day) and the volume of the blog is so big.

    With the two example situation, whether blogger will banner the blog?

    This blog: will have more than 50,000 posts.

  11. Anonymous3/12/2009

    Sorry for off topic! I want to ask one thing. Do you know whether Google will remove/elete/ban one blog in my Blogger Account? And which situation that let Google delete it? For example, I have a blog with high bandwith or hig volume and will Google delete it?

    My blog ( have more than 50,000 posts. And what's problem with it?

  12. Blogger uses a robot to screen blogs and we do not know what criteria they use to mark spam blogs. There have been quite a number of false positives (innocent blogs being marked as splogs) but there are ways to appeal. What I know is if a blogger publish many many posts in a short time, there is danger the blog will be identified as a spam blog. I don't think bandwidth is a criteria.

  13. Just found you blog on the blogsphere, Very informative. Will follow your blog.

    Hope I can learn a lot form you.

  14. sir, can you make my blogger in to 3 column if i give my username and password,

  15. It is dangerous to give strangers username and password. Why don't you just use a ready-made 3 column template?

  16. hello again peter,
    just some tips needed
    In your old site-tips-for-new-bloggers when I hover over the post title the colour changes even the non word area that is the area between the title and the digg button's colour also changes.Can you tell me how to do that?
    I tried post hover in my blog which also has the same post format but it did not work out as it worked out for you

  17. I still think the best thing to do is back up all your files.

    Do something before Google Delete your account. Cos you never know when it's going to happen; if it ever.

    @Peter : Very informative blog. I have lots to learn from you here.

  18. Glad you like it :-)

    Peter Fhen
    Follow me @ Twitter

  19. HI
    my name is roni
    Im new in the bloger comunity , i have a problem on my comment .
    no body can not comment my blog - so do i -
    can any one help me please- ?
    Thank you

    my blog is

  20. hi peter,
    soory this is a off-topic question
    but i wanna ask euu tt y is my blog
    header missing? the front,post photos and vedios bar all missing?

  21. "i wanna ask euu tt y is my blog
    header missing?"

    Sorry don't understand, but if you are having problems with Blogger post editor (missing tool icons etc.) and your ISP is Singtel, refer to Missing toolbar, unusable post editor

  22. I deleted my google account, hoping to delete my blog along with it. Now I can no longer log in to my google account (which is fine) but my blog still appears. What can I do?

    ps - i had to make another google account to leave a comment on here. please respond to my email; you don't have to post this to your page.

  23. Anonymous10/07/2009

    this sounds weird, but how do I delete my google account? I want to start a new blog, but it won't let me have 2 accounts under the same email.

  24. Anonymous8/21/2010

    I want to know if I can keep my Blogger account without having a Google Account.
    Google-Analytics ties up my search engine preventing me from accessing searches so I had to delete my Google Account which deleted my Youtube and Blogger Account.
    Is there anyway to re-instate my Youtube and Blogger Accounts the way I had them and block Google from preventing me from doing searches?

    Scott G.

  25. Scott, how many browsers do you have in your computer? I suggest you read why you should be using more than 1 browsers, then you can be signed into different Google/Blogger whatever accounts in different browsers.

    This is what I suggest you do. Try to restore whatever accounts you deleted, then read How to change email address for Blogger login and get some ideas on how to solve your problems.

  26. Hi
    is it possible that I could have permanently deleted my blog? I know i deleted it and so i looked for a way to restore it and i found your article on restoring deleted blogs. You click on show hiddem blogs. I did not find that option. My blog url was

  27. google deleted my account without any warnings and i lost over 300 pictures from my families friends parishioners and business
    i am considering legal action
    please help
    google is not answering my e-mails

  28. Fabio, I would advice against legal action as Google probably already has got themselves well protected. There don't seem to be a help forum specifically for Google account so perhaps you can post your problem to either gmail help forum or Blogger help forum

  29. Hi Peter, can you please help me out? I have a blogspot account using yahoo email to login (, but my ex deleted the blog account and everything. Now my blog is gone. How can I get it back??

  30. If you/she have only deleted the yahoo email, there is still hope:
    Try this
    Go to
    type in your deleted yahoo email
    type in the password and login
    If successful, invite one of your other old or new email

    Keep us updated on your progress

  31. Hello Peter,

    First of all, thanks for all the tips. I closed a Google account about three years ago and didn't realize that I had a Blogger account associated to it. I'd like the blog to be deleted, but it seems there's no way to do that now. I've tried filling in the Google Account Contact Form but I can't get back my old Google account as I deleted it... Do you think is there anything I can do?

    Thx again!


  32. Hi Peter,

    I need your help and guide.

    Three months back google deleted my blog. pls guide how to recover my blog.

    website :

    i am waiting for your great reply

  33. Scottish,

    Can you please provide more information like reasons for deletion and your subsequent actions?

  34. Hi peter,

    first of all, thank u very much for your reply.

    i have received message from google given below:

    Upon review of your account, we've noted that your blog has repeatedly violated Blogger's Terms of Service (

    my blog :

    its movie website. then how can i restore my blog

    kindly guide me peter

  35. Sounds like you may have some copyright issues

  36. If you feel you have been wronged, you are free to highlight this issue in the Blogger Help Forum

  37. Hi,

    Julia here. i accidentally deleted my gmail account forgetting that i use the same gmail for all my blogspot.. sigh.. now my blog is all gone, BUT the name is unavailable to use. seems to me that chances are, i can still retrieve my blogspot back. anyone knows how to retrieve the blog? =(

    the blogs hold a sentimental memories to me. please help me...

  38. hello peter sir,

    Few days before my blogspot was attacked malware. and i cleared all malware virus in my website and also goole webmaster review told me website clean and there is no malware.

    but still shows malware warning message. kindly assist me how to remove warning message


  39. Olá. Sou a Céu Vieira.
    Ontem, queria entrar no meu blog e fui informada que foi removido. Porquê??
    O meu blog é: - Imagens e notas soltas.



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