Sunday, March 15, 2009

Statcounter visitors map and statistics

A blogger complained about maploco being not up to date (not realtime) in their visitor visitors map. Now I am very satisfied with the Statcounter visitors statistics as it gives me all the statistics I want so much so I don't feel the need to switch over or add Google Analytics (which is also not real time while Statcounter is real time). In fact I didn't even bother to dig deeper into what Statcounter had to offer. That is, until today. Today I took the trouble to examine what info I can get from the visitors map. Today I found that you can click on any pin on the map and you will get very detailed about that particular visitor including the town, etc. Refer to screen shot below (click to enlarge):

Statcounter visitor map and details of visitor

Also, if you are curious about what other statistics Statcounter gives you, they will include summary, popular pages, entry pages, exit pages, came from, keyword analysis, recent keyword activity, recent came from, search engine wars, visitor paths, visit length, returning visits, recent pageload activity, recent visitor activity, recent visitor map, country/state/city/ISP, browsers, system stats (screen resolutions), lookup IP Address, download logs, and they are all real time data:

Statcounter statistics

Update: I have recently taken a closer look at Google Analytics and found that there are some useful statistics that you can't get from Statcounter which includes individual post visitor counter and site overlay

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