Sunday, March 15, 2009

Statcounter visitors map and statistics

A blogger complained about maploco being not up to date (not realtime) in their visitor visitors map. Now I am very satisfied with the Statcounter visitors statistics as it gives me all the statistics I want so much so I don't feel the need to switch over or add Google Analytics (which is also not real time while Statcounter is real time). In fact I didn't even bother to dig deeper into what Statcounter had to offer. That is, until today. Today I took the trouble to examine what info I can get from the visitors map. Today I found that you can click on any pin on the map and you will get very detailed about that particular visitor including the town, etc. Refer to screen shot below (click to enlarge):

Statcounter visitor map and details of visitor

Also, if you are curious about what other statistics Statcounter gives you, they will include summary, popular pages, entry pages, exit pages, came from, keyword analysis, recent keyword activity, recent came from, search engine wars, visitor paths, visit length, returning visits, recent pageload activity, recent visitor activity, recent visitor map, country/state/city/ISP, browsers, system stats (screen resolutions), lookup IP Address, download logs, and they are all real time data:

Statcounter statistics

Update: I have recently taken a closer look at Google Analytics and found that there are some useful statistics that you can't get from Statcounter which includes individual post visitor counter and site overlay


  1. i thought statcounter no longer available?the site is not loading correctly

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  3. How do I can get stat counter

  4. go to Statcounter and sign up for an account

  5. Hi Peter!
    I love statcounter, even tho I have passed the 500 user visit, it is still so useful. Great tool.

    I have a question,
    Have you written something on how to restrict the number of stories that show up in a Blog's RSS feed? Like say, just the five most recent ones.

    Plus, anything on heatmaps? Like Click Heat and Click Density...something simple and free for Blogger (for those who are not using a custom domain). It is such a great tool for someone to know what a user is clicking on.

  6. Maybe not exactly what you want but why don't you try Google Analytics. It has lots of data but I am too lazy to try it out thoroughly as it has too much statistics for me. Try it and let me know how it is.

  7. Hey Peter,

    I installed an invisble STATCOUNTER on my blog yesterday, and it seemed to work fine, data was coming in. But at the end of the day a friend told me he couldn't load my blog properly... And more people told me so today. In some cases they get kicked out within 5 seconds, in other cases the blog stops loading and they can't scroll down.

    I assumed it had to do with the counter, so I deleted the project, both on the Statcounter-site and from my Page Elements.
    Furthermore, I changed the maximum amount of displayed articles on the page to: 10. (It used to be: every article published, 50 or so.)
    But the problem remains. Could it have something to do with an embedded clip or .gif?

    I am using Vista and Firefox 3.0 myself and the blog is not giving me any problems whatsoever.

    Any thoughts?
    Here is the URL:

    Thanks Peter, hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Hahaha! I know what you mean. I was looking at Google Analytics just that morning... i didnt spend much time on it when I was told I will need to have access to the folder structure of my blog to be able place Analytic's code into it. Got a little put off by that because i dont have access to that.
    Plus with google analytics it might just get too complicated for my taste too. would like to try more third-party stuff out instead. :)

  9. I have installed hundreds of statcounters in hundreds of blogs and none gave any trouble.

  10. Hey Peter,

    My problem is SOLVED, somehow... I reinstalled StatCounter and everthing is back to normal. Phew. One guy told me it could have had to do with the top-post being a YouTube-clip, or maybe a server-thing.

    You can delete my 'problem-comment', if you like.

    Thanks again.


  11. I thought I saw you at the town hall meeting. Did you go.

  12. Hi there! I'm afraid what i have to say has nothing to do with this post, but since you have such know- how on the matter of blogs and blogging i will do it anyway since I have a problem.
    The problem is that i have had a blog for almost three years ( and some readers have been complaining that the blog page takes ages to open.
    I suppose this has to do with the fact that over the years i have posted tons of photos, videos and music and so the blog is «heavy». So, now I created another blog, took with me the layout of the first one and i intend for it to be the «second edition» of my original blog, with the exact same appearance but without all those «heavy» posts that I will leave behind in the «first edition» (obviously i will leave a link in my last post to the new blog and I will have a link in the new one to the old).
    Now, the problem is with the side bar content. When i paste the layout of the old into my new blog, all the content of the side bar (links, photos, widgets and miscellaneous stuff)is gone. Of course, I can edit manually, one link at a time, etc, but this is fastidious and slow work. Is there any way to «duplicate» the layout (including the side bar content) to my new blog without all this trouble?
    Thanks in advance, excellent work you are doing here.

  13. I assume you are referring to the fact that when one change a template, many of the gadgets or page elements will be deleted. I have read a post which claims that one can backup gadgets but that involve some tinkering with the template and knowing the fussiness of Blogger I figured that may lead to error messages so I didn't try it. What I have is this - backup gadgets which will mostly be HTML/Javascript ot text gadgets.

    I am also guessing you used the Link List gadget for blogroll or something which cannot be backed up (unless you want to try tinkering with the template which I haven't tried) but I normally prefer to use a HTML/Javascript gadget to do my blogroll and this can be backup.

  14. I see that the pixels from your Profile photo have all jumped off the screen and I hope that doesn't signify some shake-up, maybe that your blog has been purchased by ruthless business tycoons who have sent you into a Real Retirement! Just another Blogger Glitch, I'll assume, though, until more evidence is available!

  15. hi. i have a general problem..adsense it not approving my blog because it says that we need to have hhtp:// not http://mysite/something . Is that true.. Then how come other bloggers have adsense in their blog . for example

  16. adsense has become more selective. Those blogspot blogs might have got approved long ago. However, perhaps you can try to apply direct from Blogger (I haven't tried this as I got my account long ago but it is worth a try) Prepare some good content before you try again.

  17. Anonymous4/01/2009

    I've used Statcounter and love it.
    So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

  18. I'm using this
    totally, i think it's kool.
    Every post here should have "read more" to look better. Take a look at:

  19. I started using statcounter for
    It's a great source of data.
    Have anyone purchased the upgrade? and is it worth it?

  20. I have been using Statcounter for years and have been very satisfied. You only need to pay if you 250,000 pageloads per month or if you want statistics on more than 500 pageloads at a time.

  21. I've been using StatCounter and very happy with it, though you taught me a couple new things. Thanks! Someone recently sang the praises of Google Analytics so I put that on my blog also, but honestly am not impressed yet.

  22. I have recently taken a closer look at Google Analytics and found that there are some useful statistics that you can't get from Statcounter which includes individual post visitor counter and site overlay

  23. I've been using statcounter for both my blogs and love great details info and the map is excellent.


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