Friday, April 17, 2009

John Chow is following Enviroman @ Peter Chen

I received an email announcing John Chow is following enviroman at Twitter. Should I be happy? I don't know. Years back I remembered John Chow's blog was given a very high valuation and he is very well know. When I got that email, I did some checking and found these - John Chow vs. Google - Guess Who's Winning and 4 Lessons From John Chow Google Bombing Experience. What did they say? Essentially, John chow did some SEO and link building for the phrase "Make Money Online" which Google didn't like. Seems Google called it Google Bombing. Looks like John Chow's has dropped from his high flying position from Google's perspective. It seems that Google is 'manually' punishing John and has dropped him to the 51st result for the term "John Chow," and his "make money online" campaign has been dropped to 57th. And now googling John Chow doesn't turn up in page 1 of Google's SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

However, I wonder if John Chow really minds because it seems his earnings in 6/1/07 jumped to $12,569.61 from $2790.05 from in 12/1/06, I assumed because of his "Google Bombing".That is, his monthly income increased by $9779.56 which is a hefty 350% increase. John Chow also claimed that his income is not highly dependent on traffic from Google.

Now I checked John Chow's Twitter profile page. Wow, he is following 22,948 and has 21,759 followers on Twitter. That is, he is following more than he has followers. I suspect he is using the tactic to increase Twitter followers by following others in the hope of others following him when they get the email announcing John Chow is following them. Should you copy John Chow's strategy? I don't know. But I myself will probably not for the time being.


  1. good investigating i like

  2. Ya, good post. I was wondering why John Chow didn't have number 1 spot when searching google for John Chow.

    He is using some kind of program/script to automatically follow and unfollow if they do not follow back.

  3. How did you arrive at those
    dollar figures? It's interesting.

  4. Follow the links and you will find out.

    Peter @ Enviroman (Blog*Star)
    Follow me at Twitter @enviroman

  5. Peter, are u on facebook?
    Pls reply me...

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  7. Great blog. It seems that John Chow may have a good strategy to increase twitter followers. But I think I'm with you. I'll wait and see how much it increases by. Keep it up!

  8. Great Job ;)
    see my job too


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