Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twitter - Second baby step to increase followers

My earlier post regarding Twitter - First baby step to increase followers on Twitter got me "baby results", an increase of a few followers on Twitter. Fairly encouraging? After all, these are baby steps.

Now the second baby steps. I will now append the following signature line each time I respond to a comment:

Peter @ Enviroman (Blog*Star)
Follow me at Twitter @enviroman

like what I have done at How to delete comments and Add space to blog post, but not with space bar.

Let us see what results from this (admittedly feeble) effort.


  1. ----- why is it that i cant find this code on my template? please help me because i cannot add the permanent link in my post, and i need it badly .. thanks

  2. Are you referring to some code in this post? I don't remember posting any code? You will have to clarify further your problem before I can respond with any meaningful answer.

  3. im sorry.. what i mean the permanent link,, u said i have to find the code BlogItemPermalinkUr like that, i cant paste it here it come error,, in my template i cant that.. so that i can add the permalink .. thats my problem,. i want to put pernanent link on my post

  4. Is Marites Salce and Kaye one and the same person?. What permanent link? What code Blog|temPermalinkUr?

    If you want to display HTML characters, refer to How to display special characters in posts and comments

  5. Do you have any advice for how to add the TweetMeMe button to my posts?

    I've looked around the web to no avail. Any ideas?


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