Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Delete comments utility

To delete comments, one have to be logged in while viewing the blog post whereupon there will be a trashcan icon delete comment trashcan icon beside the comment. To delete the comment, all you need to do is to click on the trashcan icon delete comment trashcan icon

However sometimes the trashcan icon is missing even when you are logged in which makes the task of deleting the comment impossible. To address this issue, I have published 2 posts, namely How to delete comments and How to delete comments Part 2.

Today I found a Delete Blogger comment utility and tested it (obviously while I am not logged in because I don't really want to delete any comments). I found out that the utility will download all the comments together with all the accompanying trashcan icons delete comment trashcan icon while logged out. I tested clicking on one of the trashcan icon while logged out and what happened was a Blogger log in page appeared with boxes to enter the username and password like the screenshot below:

Blogger log in page for delete comment utility

So bloggers, if you have any difficulties, try this Delete Blogger comment utility.

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  1. Hi Peter I must say I'm glad to have found your blog as I am still relatively new to this. I have a blog which I am currently working on

    I would like to ask you to please have a look at it and give me any suggestions you may have as to how to improve it and monetise it I would especially like to talk to you about html meta tags as I do not understand this area yet but have been made aware that it is essential for search engine optimisation.

  2. You are using the 2 column fluid width Sand Dollar template and there is no navigation bar. Templates are a very personal thing and if it was my blog, I would prefer to use at a minimum 3 column template with 1 sidebar for navigation and 1 sidebar for ads. In fact for this blog, I use a 4 column template.

  3. hi Peter, Nice site.
    i can found great trick for my blog.
    keep posting.

    by the to adsense code in the middle of posting?

  4. Hello Peter,
    I always love to read your contents. Thanks for this new idea.

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  5. Hello, Peter I've had about 50 spam comments this morning on my blog and could delete all but about 5 of them and get this error message:
    It seems others are having the same problem and blogger is working on a fix. I've gone to the actual post and then to edit the post and when I put the comment in the trash can, the error message appears. Here is one of the posts where one of the comments is located:

    Can you help? Thanks, ns

  6. Are you using the delete comments utility?

  7. No.. I'm hoping Blogger fixes it or I'll have to use it..

  8. Hey thanks for wonderfull article and i want to exchange link with you .

  9. hi all, this is LVCHEN. I am the developer of this "Delete A Blogger Comment" utility.
    Currently the hosting service where I stored this utility has blocked some IPs around US and IPs from some other countries. I don't know why but they just did. Therefore, I had to move it to some other places. Right now it's working fine here. In any case of the server might be down again, I will post the most recent hosting URL at my google sites. Please visit the page if you need to use this utility.
    I also developed some useful gadget such as "Advanced Recent Comments" for Google Blogger, you will find them there, too. I hope you all like them. If you have any question and comment, please don't hesitate to let me know, Thanks all.

  10. Peter, LVCHEN, many thanks to both of you for the 'delete comments utility'. There are so many pages out there with entirely unhelpful/useless advice about deleting comments (e.g. "Just click on the trashcan"...), that it was a great relief to find your utility. It worked like a charm.

  11. Hi, Peter! It's been a long time since I last appealed for your priceless help! But now I really need it.

    My blogs (the main one is depends on music. The post always relates to a certain song, or opera aria, whatever. I have very few readers, but they expect my music choices and usually rejoice with them.

    Where can I upload my music files and get a code for autoplay for Blogger(I know you disapprove of this, but my readers love it, and so do I, and it's my blog, after all!) ? has been most helpful for two years, but now it cuts the tracks to 30 seconds. No way. I must find a host to lodge my files who can provide me a code for autoplay the whole track. Can you help? Pleeease?

  12. Does anyone here speak real simple English so this computer moron can understand WTF to do? I have a blog with problem. Keep those. Thousands of them on various posts. I also have a sidebar post with a comments section via Gadget. I want to start a new comments section so I removed the old one but when I added a new comments back all the old comments were there! So what do I do? I see no trashcans.


  13. Apparently there are 2 types of comments. One, the regular ones in the main column just below the posts and Google Comment gadget which is usually displayed in the sidebar. This article is for the first one, the regular comments. The second comment system don't have the trashcan icon to delete the comments.

  14. Hi Peter,

    This is probably a simple question, but I am new to this whole blog thing and you seem very helpful!

    My blog does the following.

    Name/Date Stamp

    I would like to put my comment section AFTER the post but nothing gives. I tried to re-arrange the Edit>Blog Post section under Page Elements but it is not reflecting on my blog - Thus, I am thinking that it is something incorporated in the actual HTML itself that needs to be changed?

    I hope I at least made *some* sense. Any help you can offer would be great. Blog address is:

  15. Hi Peter,

    Can you tell me how to move my Name, Date, and comment section to the bottom of a post? Mine currently resides at the top, directly under my post title/heading. I have gone under the Page Elements section and that would not change it.

    Thank you!

  16. What template are you using?

  17. Hi Peter,

    The template I am using is here:

  18. Sorry Peter, that is the background that I sent you - here is the template that I am using.

  19. Better you ask the template creator

  20. Thank you so much! You have saved me so much time. It took 2 minutes to delete using the utility you suggested when it has taken me the whole hour previous with no success! I really appreciate your quick answer to my problem!

  21. HI Peter,

    Is there a way for me to delete my son's blogsite. He already passwd away.

  22. Sorry to hear about that. What is your son's blog URL?

  23. Delete Comments Utility worked for me when nothing else would! Thanks so much for posting it!

  24. Delete comment Utility worked like a charm. Thanks a lot.saved time.I liked your blog.I am also blogger my blog is

  25. Greetings,

    With all deference and respect to LVCHEN for a great utlility, for your safety, I would strongly recommend right-clicking on the blogspot-login frame and open it in a new tab, (THIS FRAME" on the right-click menu in Firefox).

    This will open a new tab in Firefox. You are now on a legitimate blogspot-only page with no additional risk of your login name and password info being intercepted.

    Login and you will see the delete button for the comment in question.

    Much thanks to LVCHEN for this wonderful utility.

  26. Anonymous2/25/2010

    Sounds great, but just spins and says "Loading" for me :(

  27. I have the most persistent comment imaginable that I cannot delete.

    It is an orphan, with the original associated post long deleted.

    I have run the delete comment utility, which first found the comment but could not delete it. Now it cannot find the comment, although it still appears on the blog. Of course there is no trash can. Changing to moderate all, and full page comments (as suggested in various tips) do not work. Cache has been cleared. Tried different browswers (IE and FF).

    This should be a simple operation. I have spent hours of frustration.

  28. Don refer to Blogger Help Forum: Cannot delete comment. Something is wrong and Gatsby the Blogger Employee and his team hopefully is working on it.

  29. Don, perhaps you can add your problem to that thread

  30. hi Den, and all of you have encountered the similar situation,

    This is LVCHEN, and I am the developer of the "Delete Comment Utility".

    Due to some errors regarding the wrong total comment count issue when Google generating the feed, there might be troubles when you use the "Delete Comment Utility". You might notice that the total number of comment is wrong and this is not the Utility's problem. And therefore some people might be able to see their comments if they have comments more than 168. I don't wanna blame Google but this is really Google's responsibility to fix it.

    I might be able to do something to bypass this problem so people who have lots of comments can see the complete comments. But this is not the real solution for that. I really can't do much unless Google fixes this problem.

    I am quite busy doing my PhD research so I may not have time to update the utility. I promise once I have time, I will do my best to help you guys who have deleting blogger's commenta issue.


  31. None of the above suggestions have worked for me. I've pulled up the Lvchen utility and I get the same result another comment mentioned - it just stays in eternal "thinking" mode and spins with no results. I've tried going the click on archived month route, and no delete icon appears.

    This has to be the most frustrating and annoying feature of Blogger, as you never know from day to day when the delete icon will disappear. This is one of the reasons I'm giving strong thought to switching over to WP. I know each blogging format has its own particular frustrations, but this one is so rampant that I'm getting tired of wrestling with it.

    - Dawn

  32. After posting last comment, I logged out of Blogger and logged back in. For some bizarre reason, that fixed the problem and I now have the Delete Comment icon available. Go figure. Those of you that Lvchen's utility isn't working for, try logging out and logging back in. Maybe it will work for you also.

  33. Healing Morning, perhaps you can add your problem to this thread - Help, can't delete comment and if ever you eventually managed to delete your comments, will appreciate feedback.

  34. Peter, it's the same problem many are having - not being able to get the Delete Icon to show up on Blogger pages. I just posted a new blog on Healing Morning and seconds later got hit by Asian spam, and have no way to delete the comment. I tried what worked the other day with signing out and signing back in, but that didn't work this time. Any suggestions you can offer are greatly appreciated. I'm headed over to the link you provided to post there also. Thanks!


  35. Update - tried the utility in your post one more time. I had to go in and change my settings on Cookies, then it worked! No telling if this is a one time success or not, but I do appreciate you posting the link for us. I also posted on the page you suggested so that Blogger is aware of this continuing glitch.

    Thanks again,


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