Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot linking file host and embedding MP3 player

Update: hotlinkfiles.com is not reliable. Use Google Sites instead.

A blogger complained that the Imeen playlist which she used for adding background music to her blog has now limited playtime to 30 seconds only which is not acceptable to her.

This led me to search for a free file host which allows uploading of MP3 files plus hot linking and I found HotlinkFiles.com which I tested. I uploaded the hit song from the 1960s, No Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones plus embedding the music (MP3) player into this blog Music, Songs, Videos, Movies setting it to autoplay plus infinite replay.

So if you want a music player for your blog, first upload your selected song to HotlinkFiles.com, get the URL and then add this code to a HTML/Javascript gadget (gadget was previously referred to as Page Element):

<embed width="160" src="URL of hot-linkable MP3 file" autostart="true" loop="true" height="50"></embed>

replacing URL of hot-linkable MP3 file with the actual URL of the MP3 file you had uploaded to the file host.

The parameters you can vary is:

width="160" (edit to fit where you embedded the MP3 player. In my case, I embedded it into the second right sidebar which width is 163px.

autostart="true" (set it to false if you don't want the music to automatically start visitor come to your blog)

loop="true" (set it to false if you do not want the song to repeat infinitely)

MP3 download

I have tested it and found that it works with Internet Explorer, Firefox 3.0.11, Opera, Flock 2.0.2, Avant, but not Google Chrome (MP3 player not visible) or Safari which gave the error message "Safari cannot find the Internet plug-in.
The page "Music Songs Videos Movies" has content of an unspecified MIME type. Because you don't have a plug-in installed for this MIME type, this content can't be displayed."

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