Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot linking file host and embedding MP3 player

Update: hotlinkfiles.com is not reliable. Use Google Sites instead.

A blogger complained that the Imeen playlist which she used for adding background music to her blog has now limited playtime to 30 seconds only which is not acceptable to her.

This led me to search for a free file host which allows uploading of MP3 files plus hot linking and I found HotlinkFiles.com which I tested. I uploaded the hit song from the 1960s, No Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones plus embedding the music (MP3) player into this blog Music, Songs, Videos, Movies setting it to autoplay plus infinite replay.

So if you want a music player for your blog, first upload your selected song to HotlinkFiles.com, get the URL and then add this code to a HTML/Javascript gadget (gadget was previously referred to as Page Element):

<embed width="160" src="URL of hot-linkable MP3 file" autostart="true" loop="true" height="50"></embed>

replacing URL of hot-linkable MP3 file with the actual URL of the MP3 file you had uploaded to the file host.

The parameters you can vary is:

width="160" (edit to fit where you embedded the MP3 player. In my case, I embedded it into the second right sidebar which width is 163px.

autostart="true" (set it to false if you don't want the music to automatically start visitor come to your blog)

loop="true" (set it to false if you do not want the song to repeat infinitely)

MP3 download

I have tested it and found that it works with Internet Explorer, Firefox 3.0.11, Opera, Flock 2.0.2, Avant, but not Google Chrome (MP3 player not visible) or Safari which gave the error message "Safari cannot find the Internet plug-in.
The page "Music Songs Videos Movies" has content of an unspecified MIME type. Because you don't have a plug-in installed for this MIME type, this content can't be displayed."

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  1. Peter,
    You're a GENIUS!!!
    It works, it works, it works!

    Forever grateful! :)

    You can check in http://gotaderantanplan.blogspot.com

  2. Hello Peter,

    I have been trying to email you but can't find your address.

    I have been trying to contact blogger regarding an offensive site who have removed their navbar, but all I can find is this page


    and they keep sending me round in circles with no way to report the abuse.

    Can you help?

  3. Hi Peter, thanks for leaving me a comment.

    By the way, I have subscribe this one through email ad and am happy about it. You know, am a bit down on blog hopping and running(if you're familiar with entrecard) now because I have a high bounce rate-- that's why I guess honorable G didn't give yet back my PR. Anyway, you're such a big help to the blogger society and am glad to know you and your write-ups. I wonder if this is your hobby(writing) only? or you're working with Google? Whatever it is, am glad I found this helpful page and writings. Thanks!

    Will you hit me back? (~_~) . See yah around.. hugs!

    Cacai M.

  4. Anonymous7/02/2009

    am back.. after reading your profile Pete, now I know.. nice meeting you!
    By the way, regards me to the youngest blogger-your grand kiddo.

    Have a pleasant day! hugs!

  5. Peter, I thanked you here:


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hello Peter,

    Thanks a lot for your easy tips and tricks. I am fan of your 4 column template.

    I want to create more sections like Categories, Archives to my blog to post vast content. For example, I want post tips for TOEFL under separate section titled 'TOEFL'. I want to post these in the second part of my blogspot (after all post updater). for example, please see www.helpbiotech.blogspot.com. I want to create more sections like in this blog.

    please enlighten me in this regard. I will be greatful to you.

  8. I am not yet 100% sure but I think that the blog you pointed out just have background color for the title of their gadgets (page elements) highlighted with background color.

  9. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your prompt response.
    I have 2 more doubts regarding gadgets.
    how to change the size of gadgets?
    how to move gadgets from one place to another. I want the bottom gadget (in a 4 column template) to resize and make multiples of it horizontally.

  10. "how to change the size of gadgets?"


    Depends. There are lots of different types of gadgets. Example, if you use a HTML/Javascript gadget and the image tag <img> to display a photo, you can control the size of the displayed photo via width="x" height="y" as in <img src="URL of photo" width="x" height="y />

    "how to move gadgets from one place to another"

    Drag and drop in LAYOUT

    "make multiples of it horizontally."


    You mean more than 1 gadget in a horizontal row? That will involve the template where you have to create extra column like in this demo blog Good Computer Software (still in progress - check the footer which is divided into 3 column)

    Hope I understood your question correctly.

  11. Hello Peter,

    Thanks a lot for giving such a useful tips to the blogging community.

    I am using 4 column minima template. I want to divide footer into 3/4 columns as like in your 'goodcomputersoftware.blogspot.com'. my blog url is: college2job.blogspot.com.

    I am using poll code after going through your tips. Poll result is opening in the same window after casting vote. I dont like that. Shall we make it open in another window?

    Thanks for your useful suggestions and tips.
    - guide

  12. Sorry I don't have elephant memory (elephants are supposed to have a super memory). Where did you get the poll code?

  13. I know its not regarding this post but can you tell me if I have like many post and want to organize it alphabetically but want them to click like on A to expand the the list.Is there any javascript or somethong for by blog.

  14. Um, I just registered at imeem and tried it, and it doesn't have a 30 second limit; 30 seconds shows up initially as "file length", and then the real length does and the entire thing plays. I tried it with a 45 second clip; works wonderfully.

  15. Hi Peter,

    Thanks a lot for your patient response. I am sorry for asking a doubt irrelevant to the post.

    I want to post MS Word and PDF files to my blog. Shall we do this without giving link to the source site?

    I want to divide footer into 3/4 columns as like in your 'goodcomputersoftware.blogspot.com'.
    I am using 4 column minima template.
    my blog URL www.college2job.blogspot.com

    Thanks in advance..

  16. Hi Peter
    I think I've managed to add the code, but where do I find the player to embed in in my blog?

  17. This:

    <embed width="160" src="URL of hot-linkable MP3 file" autostart="true" loop="true" height="50"></embed>

    in a HTML/Javascript gadget will display the player like the one you see at the top of the right sidebar at Song video movie

  18. Forgot to mention, you need to install Quciktime

  19. hey dude,

    I have try this trick on my blog wow it work dude...thanks alot....

    for me

  20. I have searched EVERYWHERE for help on this issue and you're my last hope. I want to add a new gadget to my blog, but after clicking on "Add a Gadget" on the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page, I'm only seeing the following on the left hand side:

    Most Popular
    More Gadgets
    Add your own

    I want to add other people's widgets, so where is:



    Hope you can help!!!

  21. Is your problem this: After clicking on "Add a gadget" you only see the Basic, Featured... links at the left but not seeing the 20 basic gadgets or is it something else?

    Categories is called Labels in Blogger.

  22. Hi Peter!
    You are very knowledgable about blogging and code. I have been blogging for about a 1 1/2 years and I have tried to reasearch how to add a third column on my blog and every hit I get seems to include you in some way , so you must be the Master. All I want to do is add a Third column on my left side of my blog and not change anything about it, just add the column but I can't seem to find a code anywhere for it and if I do I don't understand it . I have no html experience but would appreciate it if you could help me.
    Thank you and great job on your blog, it's great and a very helpful site to others!
    Creative Wishes, Ann-Denise

  23. thanks, it works perfect

  24. Going to be straight here -- hotlinkfiles is no good.

    Try MyDataNest.com

  25. Peter,
    Thanks for your very useful tips.
    Two problems:
    1) Trying to upload a second MP3 selection to hotlinkfiles.com, no matter which song I chose from my files, I get Error:0 and it won't upload.
    2) The selection that I did manage to upload (beginners luck?)starts automatically when I load the site, but it does not repeat, despite showing "Loop" on my gadget.

    Thanks, crazy rudy

  26. Why don't you try their batch uploader? Or contact them for support.

    Do let us know if your problem get solved.

  27. Dear Peter,
    I have to ask for your help once again on this same matter. Apparently, hotlinkfiles.com has crashed, I no longer can't login, I've sent several e-mail with no answer whatsoever.

    Today is the 40th anniversary of Abbey Road and I would love to pay my tribute to it (music is indeed needed, don't you agree?). Being a Beatles' fan as I know you are (have you got your Beatles Stereo Remastered Box? I have...), will you help me once again?

    Since I have another blog called Beatles Forever!, I feel desperate!

    There's another site, goear.com, the first where I lodged my music, and it was very good, for it gave me both the chance to play music automatically or not. The site died for more than a year but is now working fine again. All the music I uploaded is still there

    Check this link, please (and listen to the beautiful tune, by Portuguese guitar virtuoso Carlos Paredes), from here you can see all the tracks I have in it:


    I tried to used your embed to make the music autoplay, but it doesn't work. What can I do?

    a desperate beatlemaniac.

    P.S. There's more. Next Tuesday is the 2nd anniversary of one of my best friends' passing away, and I would like to talk about him in Gota de Ran Tan Plan. With music, of course.

  28. Hi Teresa,

    Check this: Testing Google Sites for hotlinking MP3 files.

    Let me know if you manage in your browser you can get the song Hound Dog by Elvis Presley to play right to the end.

  29. hiiiiiiiiiiii peter,
    first my thanks to you for your wonderfull job even at this age.. i'm much worried about how to play a background music in my blog. But you.. yeah its you, who helped me in doing that succesfull in my blog. I'm very much grate full to you. THANKS PETER..THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.

  30. Hi i want to ask. I use Google MP3 Player which the code are :

    However i want to make the song repeat. How do i do that?

  31. I haven't yet use the Google MP3 Player myself but read somewhere it does not provide for looping so loop="true" may not work. Did you try loop="true"? Where did you get the code for Google MP3 Player? Maybe I want to try it myself.

  32. With the new google sites the Hot/direct linking is gone... you will never get .mp3 at the end of your links.

  33. Works perfect for me. Thank you so much.

  34. Google sites doesn't seem reliable anymore. The added stuff at the end of the links isn't a problem (it can be easily removed), but each download redirects to another page, which *is* a problem (with some browsers some of the time). I am having intermittent problems hotlinking to google sites content. There are plenty of other free file hosts that allow hotlinking.

  35. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for updating and alert on Google Sites for hotlinking. I myself hardly use it so would not know of any new problems. Tell us more about other free file hosts that allows hotlinking?

  36. i tried this but it doesn't works with internet explorer.. please help me...
    this is my blog post

  37. Hi peter,

    is there any way to add music into my blog? my blog URL - sisaperjalananhidup.blogspot.com
    i tried to link music from google sites but failed. btw, i'm using google crome.
    any idea?

    thanks for your help.


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