Thursday, July 30, 2009

Google Analytics Site Layout obscure blog problem

I wrote about Google Analytics and Site Overlay yesterday which places an overlay over your blog with a tiny box and a number indication the numbers (percentage) of page views through as you can see in the screen shot below:

There was one small problem. Even when you want to view the blog normally, those tiny boxes obscure the links making them unreadable. I also vaguely remembered someone else had complained about it on the Web.

Now it is easy to solve that little problem, just log out of your Google Analytics account. That is perhaps easier said than done because most blogger will be using a single browser with tabs and wants to be signed in for either their Blogger account and/or AdSense account and most likely all of them share a single Google Account. Sign out of Google Analytics and you will be signed out of the other accounts as well.

If you are facing this problem and want to solve it, what I suggest is to use an account for Blogger which is different from those for Google Analytics and AdSense (if you are an AdSense publisher). That is, have the same Google account for Google Analytics and AdSense but a different account for Blogger.

If you currently have the some Google Account for all, open 2 browsers (read about why I have many browsers). For example, open Firefox and Internet Explorer. In one browser, create another email address to be used for the Blogger account if you don't already have one.

In the other browser, sign into your other Blogger account (and Google Analytics if you wish). You can be signed in for both because different browsers have different cache and cookies. In the Blogger Dashboard, go to SETTINGS > PERMISSION, invite yourself with the new/different email address.

Switch to the first browser and go to your (new?) email address. There will be an email from Blogger inviting you to be a co-author of your blog/s. Accept the invitation.

Swithch to the second browser and Blogger Dashboard, go to SETTINGS > PERMISSION and you will find your second email address as a co-author. Make that an administrator. If you don't really want to have 2 authors for your blog, you can remove the first one (AFTER MAKING SURE THE SECOND ONE IS ALREADY AN AMINISTRATOR). You can then use the second email (Blogger account) for your blog/s and retain the first one for your Google Analytics (and AdSense if your are and AdSense publisher).

Now whenever you want to have both Blogger and Google Analytics signed in at the same time, just use 2 different browsers and you will no longer be bothered by those little boxes obscuring your links.


  1. Sir,
    I am unable to get accepted into the adsense program for my site .
    Google says there are issues with page type.
    Please suggest changes to get into the adsense program.

    Thanking you

  2. I do not know what they meant by page type. Why don't you post your problem at AdSense Help Forum

  3. I see your blog is like mine: all narrow down a 1/3 strip of the entire screen.

    How do I widen my blog view so that it goes from side to side of the entire computer screen?


  4. T, if I understand you correctly, you are referring to the "wasted blank space" of this blog when viewed with a wide screen on both sides of the content. These "wasted space" is there for a reason which is, a visitor with a 1024x768 screen will see the whole width of the content without having to use the horizontal scroll bar which may discourage visitors. It used to be narrower, optimized for a narrower 800x600 screen, but from visitor statistics, they now represent a very small minority.

    These may be interesting reading for you - Blogger for Dummies is now 3 column and Blogger for Dummies is now 4 column

  5. Thanks a lot for that post — it solved most of the issues I’ve encountered.Problem with site also helped me a lot.


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