Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Individual post visitor counter with Google Analytics

Installing separate visitor counter for each individual blog post is a frequent blogger request. So far, we can only install visitor counter for the whole blog, not for individual post. However, with Google Analytics which store an enormous amount of data plus allow you to analyze the data in great number of ways, it is now possible to have a pseudo individual post visitor counter (or on closer inspection, it is not pseudo but real provide you choose a relevant keyword to filter).

Now if you are logged into Google Analytics Dashboard, click on CONTENT > CONTENT BY TITLE, you will see a box for FILTER PAGE TITLE (see screen shot below):

Google Analytics Content by title filter

Type into the box a suitable keyword to help identify the post for which you want to check and click GO. You will see a list of blog post titles with the number of pageviews etc. For example, I want to see how many pageviews were there for posts containing the word "categories", I type in the word "categories" and filter and you can see the results in the screen shot above.

Now you may even try to filter Google Analytics data by blog title by typing in the full title into the box to filter. For example, I typed in "3 column templates by Thur" and found that there were a total of 253 pageviews for that particular post (see screen shot below):


  1. This is very nice! Thank you very much. I have been looking all morning, installed three different counters, the third one expressly made to count the visits that individual posts get - y nada, as they say here (Spain), nothing worked.

    I had seen Google analytics before but thought it wasn't maybe for slow people.
    I am very slow -- for some things. Not for everything.
    Thanks again!

  2. (I just wrote, so this is an afterthought)

    I would have thought that to find out which post draws a reader is the most useful data anyone would want to have!

    People go to a blog to see one thing......but maybe they will stay to see the other thing!

  3. Thanks a lot but I have been looking for individual post counter script for blogger bog. If you have any please let us know.
    Here goes my blog:

    Oh lastly...You have a great blog.


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