Monday, September 21, 2009

Access blocked sites with proxy servers

For a long time, I have known that if a website is blocked (like how was blocked in China), one can use a proxy server to bypass the blocking, but have never tried it before. Recently, because the Malaysian government blocked Malaysia Today because the blog exposed what the Malaysian Cabinet tried to hide from the public information contained in this damning confidential Cabinet paper, I came across How to access Malaysia Today by proxy to beat the block.

Basically, this is what I gathered from that post. These are various proxy servers you can use:

Update: Those search boxes you see below are images of the search boxes of the proxy servers mentioned below. If you want to use the proxy servers, you will have to click on the links and search on those proxy servers sites themself.

Surf over to where there is a box (see screen shot below): proxy server

type in the URL (in that particular case, and click Go!, and presto, the blocked site Malaysia Today is accesible again!!

Here are some more:

Free Anonymizer:

Free Anonymizer for browsing anonymously

Hide My Ass (has pop-up)

Hide my ass proxy server


Kproxy anonymizer



  1. Peter, I have a related question to ask. I have a copy of an anti-virus software (a legitimate copy, I hasten to add) that I bought and installed in one country. Then I moved to another country. My laptop encountered problems and I reinstalled Vista and all the other programs as before. Except I could not register the anti-virus again. When I contacted the manufacturer, I was told that my copy was valid only for the original country.

    My question is whether there is a way to mask my location to the software so that it thinks I am back in the original country?

  2. Thanks for the tip :)

  3. Thanks for the offer, Peter!
    However, while I tried access to the link you listed above, they were all been blocked by my company's content filtering luck

  4. Hi Peter,
    I am grateful to you as many of your tips and tracks helped me a lot in building my blog .Now I have come up with a new blog -
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    Thanking You,
    Mukesh NP

  5. Thanks Peter for your last email about my issues with Followers. I am aware that I can easily see how many are followers with Google Friend Connect; however my query is that I need to find out how many are following by pressing the "follow blog" button at the top of the page.
    We have been going through a long process of - could Google analytics help, then not, and now I'm none the wiser.

    Do you know what I can do to establish how many people overall are following my blog ?

    These stats are important for a report I am submitting shortly ao I would appreciate it if you could let me know definitively one way or the other.

    many thanks

  6. Sorry Elise, looks like I am not the best person to help you with this problem as I do not have much experience with followers.

  7. Thanks for the info.

  8. Anonymous9/27/2009

    there are many sites that work almost the same, just like for example, you can find many directories and lists of proxy webites

  9. Today, Malaysia Today was again not accessible direct but tested with the proxy servers listed in this post and was working with the blocked site accessible via proxy servers. Nice to see the links actually working.

  10. is offering a backlink free toplist. Visit and sign up your proxy site.

  11. Anonymous12/03/2009

    To be honest, I can't stand the hassles of actually trying to manually configure my proxy settings or use proxy websites to access blocked websites. I'm using Freedur right now and it really is simple to use, it's just the best solution for me at the moment.

  12. Use this free proxy website to unlock Facebook, Orkut, YouTube, MySpace, Hi5, Bebo etc or any blocked website from work and school.

    No need to install any software.

    Its fast and easy to use.


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  16. Web proxies are a great utility, but if you want to go a notch further and can use it on a non-public computer, so you have access to add network connections, you should look into secure VPN tunnels as, maybe top it off with Proxy and you got really high anonymity :)

  17. Thanks for giving information.Through your Article,I chose proxy option and I unblocked my banned websites.Finally i checked my fake ip range using It's fully different from my previous ip range.


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