Saturday, September 26, 2009

Using Google Sites to host music files for hotlinking and embedding

Because the reliability of various third party web hosts are in question, I am now looking into using Google Sites for hosting music files for the purpose of hotlinking and embedding. I have done a test at Testing Google Sites for hosting music file for hotlinking (Click Play button , also, you may need to install Apple Quicktime) and the test is successful.

Using Google Sites to host music files for hotlinking and embedding

Go to Google Sites and log into your Google Account if necessary.
Click Create new site Create new site button
Give your site a name (Fill in the box for
Site name:....:
Google Sites will automatically create a URL for your new site (depend on availability)
(If the URL is not available, a list of alternatives may appear below. Tick one if suitable, otherwise repeat the "Give your site a name" process again)
You may fill in a Site Description if you want
Site Description:.... (optional)
Choose Share with (.) Everyone in the world can view this site
Choose a theme
Complete captcha
Click Create page Google Sites Create Page at the top right corner
Select a template (see screen shot below)
Google Sites choose template
Choose (.) File Cabinet
Choose (.) Put page at the top level (unless you are creating a homepage)
Give your new page a name (example "Music")
Click Create Page

Click Add file Google Sites Add file
Add a file from:
(.)Your computer
Click Choose File and browse to location where you have your music file stored)
Fill in the File Description
Click Upload and wait till your file complete uploading
When the file has finished uploading, the uploaded file will be displayed below. Right click on it and choose Copy link location to save the uploade music file URL into clipboard (see screen shot below):

Replace the URL of hot-linkable MP3 file in the embed code below:
<embed width="160" src="URL of hot-linkable MP3 file" autostart="true" loop="true" height="50"></embed>

with the music file URL that you have saved into clipboard. Edit autostart="true" to autostart="false" if you don't want the music to play automatically.
Paste the embed code into your post editor if you want the music player in a post or into a HTML/Javascript gadget if you want the music player in the sidebar or similar locations.

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  1. Peter, you're such a darling!
    But it's not working, something else is wrong!
    I'm sending you an e-mail with a print screen and the code I created.
    Do you want me to send you my username and password too, so you can check what's wrong?

  2. It is dangerous to give your username and password to anyone. Anyway, I believe your problem has been solved?

  3. i can't wait to try this! i like having a music player on my blog and have found "mixpod" to be a reliable, unobtrusive code. however, they don't host music, just create the player. i use several different sites to host, though i keep my playlists to 3-4 songs. the host sites crash all the time.

    love your site

  4. Thanks Peter. I'll have to try it. I was using google site's attachment to upload files, I thought it worked but the files only worked in chrome.

    I use drop Box too, 2 GB free of space and extra 250mb if a friend invites you or you invite a friend. And I believe it's unlimited bandwidth too. If you register through my link, you'll get 2.25 GB instead of 2 GB :wink:

  5. I have tried google sites but although I found it easy to use. Also the facilities to present it as a professional web site was good,I did not like the url I was forced to use e.g them my domainname as I found it redirected. Where as with blogger the url http://my is a more proper url that is it does not have/and/after each word and also on google sites I could not rech site by typing www,I had to type http. and there are no rss feeds. also is it possible to change a google sites url to a custom one e.g my as in blogger? Andrea.

  6. If only can be a custom domain, but I think not.

  7. Hi Peter
    I couldn't upload any file at all, it seems to "hang" at the upload part. And I could only select 1 song at a time? So if I have 10 songs I would have to upload 10 times (assuming I can even get it right the one time^^)! I really followed your instructions to a "T" :)Pls. help.. thanks!

  8. Hi Peter! I did it! :) It's so cool!but 1 song only so i will try and try again to see if I can load a whole playlist instead...will update! Thanks thanks thanks! have a super day!

  9. Hi Peter
    sorry to flood you with comments - ok I have loaded a list, how do I play more than one song? I have tried for the last few hours poking around but..sigh,,it still only plays 1 song, the 1st it possible at all?thanks alot!

  10. Refer to Create and embed Youtube playlist or wait for new posts later if Youtube playlist is not what you want.

  11. Thanks Peter, no I want my own lists..I'll wait and poke around somemore..cheers!

  12. To the posters above asking about customs domains: you cannot make your site at Google Sites your _primary_ custom domain (, but you can make it as a _subdomain_ (; it is explained at Google Sites' help pages.

    However, there is another problem with that: Google Sites only allows hot-linking from Google domains; even custom domains hosted at Google are not allowed. So, you can link your files from, but not from, even if is a custom domain for

    At least this is what I found when tried.

  13. Hi Eduperez

    Thanks for your input. I will have to research that perhaps test and update this post if necessary.

  14. Hello Peter,

    Thanks for all of your thoughtful tips on blogger. You're a real blessing.

    I'm having some trouble getting my audio player to appear. It was working for awhile (using your hotlinkfiles method) but then I started seeing a light blue Quicktime logo with a question mark in the middle. I've tried moving my audio content to Google Sites, as you suggested, but I'm still getting that pesky little error logo.

    The site I'm trying to publish the music on is

    Any help you can offer would be very much appreciated.


  15. Perhaps you need to install Apple Quicktime?

  16. Hi Peter:

    Yes, I've got Quicktime installed on my computer (Macbook.) Any other thoughts? I feel like I'm going mad. I know it must be something simple, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is.

    - matthew

  17. It works...... as long as your browser has your cookies saying that you are connected to your Google account..... so.... it works, yes, but only for you ! ..... pas génial ;-))

  18. it really works well.......thank u very much...............

  19. WOW!!!

    I've consulted your site many times to prime myself on blogger. But this is the first tutorial I've tried!!!


  20. Is this method still working? When I upload the file Google Sites is no longer allowing me to copy the shortcut. I have looked at my settings but am wondering if they are still allowing hotlinking of files. Any help would be great.

  21. Hey man,
    Fantastic instructions! I followed them to the letter, only to find out, sadly, that the player plugin won't appear on Firefox. People say that it does on Chrome. Oh well.
    Thanks anyway for your effort!

  22. Hmm. There doesn't seem to be a hotlinkable link, only a download link…

  23. I tried for days and days to be able to play an album of original music and couldn't find a suitable embedded player. Then I thought I should google "playlist widget" and found grooveshark. It worked wonderfully and now I was able to upload the album, create a playlist, add the uploaded songs to the playlist and then get the code to add to my blogger page. Yay!!!!

  24. Thank you Peter so very much!

    2 days of struggle and then two minutes on your site, problem solved!

    Your site rocks, thanks again for doing this for all of us out here lost in the clouds!!


  25. Good one extremely good one....ant way to uploa many files at once;;say for instance the numeous above 50 image files to be used in a blogger template

  26. Hi, I've found at least 3 sites to host my music. I'm using all free services and not only do my members upload new tracks, but it's all playable (mp3) immediately. Have a look. I'm using googlesites for online music collaboration. I'd be glad to share what I've learned with you.

  27. F-Jam Alert, do you want to do a guest post with working examples? If so contact me

  28. Pete -

    I downloaded several Quicktime videos to my blog. For a while they worked, but now they have all lost the audio. There is a red "X" in the audio box on the blogger downloads on my blog......whats wrong?

  29. Peter, I am trying to upload audio sermons in mp3 for a blog on blogspot. I have used several host sites but their ULR won't link to a player and stay within the blog. I don't want to link to the host site because then it limits who can listen to the sermons. I have NEVER done this before and I admit I am computer illiterate so there is a LOT I don't understand. I tried using goole site as a host site but it keeps giving me an error message saying my file is to large. (the sermons are about 45 minutes long so they are LARGE files.) I would appreciate any help or advice you can give. Thank You!

  30. Since your file is large and Google Sites is the only site I know but doesn't accept large files, you will be forced to seek other file host that allows hot linking.

    Alternatively you may want to consider making a video, upload to Youtube and embed the video in your blog

  31. You can embed the pages of any file service into googlesites. I use and it accepts large files, and acts like it was part of google when you embed it.

  32. No Pastor you are not correct about who can view your files if done right. You can contact me if you want to learn how to do this with no restrictions and for free.

  33. This has been my go-to page for starting my new music blog - so thank you! However, I'm running into some problems. Would you, or anyone else, mind lending a hand?

    Note: All computers have Quicktime installed and up to date.

    My work laptop on Firefox: loads/plays perfectly.
    My work laptop on IE 8: as the page loads, the QT player starts and the song loads. But once the page has finished loading, the QT player reloads, and this time comes up with a Q? and doesn't load/play

    My work PC on Firefox: QT player doesn't load and I get a pop-up "additional plugins are required..."
    My work PC on IE 8: same issue as above IE 8. Although, I have noticed that if the page loads very quickly, it can trick the QT player into not refreshing...which then means it works/plays fine.

    I've tried various other computers. All IE8 browsers have the same result. All Firefox browsers not belonging to me have the same pop-up.

    My personal PC and work laptop seem to be the only ones that work (with Firefox and the IE8 trickery).

    I've tried logging out and testing it to make sure that the files aren't private and they're not. So I'm at a total loss as to why the file won't load or play on most computers I try.

    Any ideas? Was my post confusing?

    A ton of thanks in advance for anyone willing to help.

  34. I have read that IE 8 may not be totally compatible with Blogger, so the problem may lie there. In any case when in IE8 try the compatible option.

  35. i can listen/buffer the song in my blog only when its signed in Google Site, when not signed in to Google Site then the song is not playing or buffering. Worst Problem ever faced, i cant find any solution to it.. Anyone Please Help me


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