Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture to link to label page or any webpage

"I have a picture on my side bar, I would like to link it to all labels containing say books. There are five post under that label, and when my guest push the picture of the books, I would like the page to pop up only the posts with the label, Books."

Well, that is easily done. First you have to be familiar with hyperlink, namely using <a href="URL of target webpage">anchor text (some text descriptive of target webpage)</a>. And since you want the link to go to the label page "Books", that URL will be the URL of the label page of "Books" which you can get by right-clicking on the label "Books" in the sidebar and selecting "Copy link location".

You also need to be familiar with uploading pictures to the web and getting the picture URL like what is described in Using Blogger to host pictures.

Now the required codes are

<a href="URL of target webpage"><img src="picture URL" /></a>

and if that is not clear enough, ask.


  1. Hi Peter! Its me again :-)
    What should I change in the HTML messsage of the post, if I do not want that a click to the picture opens a window with the same picture? even if I did not chnage the size...

    My blog grilabirintus.blogspot.com is now public, full of technical things learned from you!

    In the footer you can find a link to these pages. By the way, how can I get rid of the big letters in that gadget? sorry, that it is all in Hungarian. It says that I got a lot of technical help from you!

  2. Recently switched to the new method of loading pictures via blogspot, where you have more control where on the page they go. That part is nice; but it appears I've lost the ability to alt text my photo's.

    I would like to revert to the previous picture method, but can't find how to do that. Can you help?

    If you visit my page you'll see that last 3 or 4 blog post do not have alt text for pictures when right clicking properties. The pictures before that did. Can you help?

    Thanks in advance
    I'm specifically talking about Traveling Suitcase.

  3. Sounds like you have converted to the updated post editor. Just go to SETTINGS > BASIC and revert back to old post editor.

  4. hi
    I have the html code that I need for my picture label, but have no clue whereabouts in my entire html I should put it!!
    please can you help me??
    thank you!!!

  5. If your blog is using the latest new XML (Layout) template, you will put it in a HTML/Javascript gadget (page element). If your blog is still using the old classic HTML template, you will have to put the script into the template directly, which part of the template depends on where you want the hyperlink image.

  6. Thank u buddy... It worked Great for me..
    Feel free to visit my blog Deknight.com

  7. Hi Peter,

    What you have written about is what I have been trying to find out for so long. Only, I would like to know first how I can put pictures in my sidebar - before I can link my labels to them. I'm on blogspot if that helps :)



  8. Pictures are displayed by the <img src="URL of picture" width="some numbers which will be roughly equal to sidebar width" /> tag and than put the above image as the "anchor text" of the hyperlink <a href="URL of target webpage"><img src="URL of picture" width="some numbers which will be roughly equal to sidebar width" /></a>

    Since the above are HTML, put the above in a HTML/Javascript gadget

  9. Anonymous2/27/2012

    I can't seem to get the picture to show up. The link works... but no go on the picture. It shows as an x... why?

  10. What is the URL of the picture you used in the code?

  11. give me trick for any link in one click..


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