Monday, October 12, 2009

How to delete own comments in other blogger's posts

A previous post described How to delete comments and another post was about a delete comment utility. However, "But I was thinking more in lines of my comment in another person's blog"

That is not difficult. All that is needed is that you be logged into your Blogger account when you surf over to the post where you have left comment you want to delete. You will then see a trash can icon at the bottom corner of your comment like in the screen shot below:

trashcan delete comment icon

All you need to do is to click the trashcan icon, confirm the deletion, and your comment will be (partially) deleted, leaving behind this:

deleted Blogger comment message

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  1. Yes, this is a useful tip!

    Gave you a s$mile today!

  2. But how do we remove the leftover haha I mean the "Comment deleted by author" ?

  3. Looks like only those with administrative power can remove that.

  4. I saw a blog where when they deleted a comment, the "this comment was removed.." bit was also gone. Any idea how they did that? I want to remove one of my own comments on my own blog AND that stuff left over. Thanks.

  5. If it is a comment in your own blog, when you delete a comment, there should be a choice to "delete forever". Picking this choice will remove all traces of the deleted comment.

  6. Thanks. Damn, that trash can is hard to find.

  7. I like this blog a lot. It has a lot of information on how to customize our blog. I have applied 4 columns template in my blog the the diary of a naval architect.
    Thank you Peter

  8. I knew how that worked peter but someone has come to my comments box and removed their comments without leaving any trace of the comment ever being made ... disappeared completely, not even saying 'comment removed by author' ... how can someone do this on my blog, how can they access it without me knowing?

  9. Dianne, I hope you opted to display your profile and blog because I am going to do some testing, comment on your blog and then try to delete it.

  10. Thanks Peter it is a real mystery to me, so many comments from this man, my supposed friend have gone ... no trace of them just my replies to him.

  11. Hi Peter your blog is helping blogger too much.

    I would like to remove removed comment from my blog which I accidentally did not click to remove completely so still it is there.

    How now i can delete for forever


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