Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How to delete Google Account

"This sounds weird, but how do I delete my google account?"

Strangely, I too had some problems when I first tested deleting a Google Account as it was not as straight forward as I thought. So here is a step-by-step instruction on how to delete your Google Account. Warning: Deleting your Google Account means you will not be able to access your Blogger account, gmail account or whatever Google Products you have signed up for. So be absolutely sure you don't ever want to access those accounts again later before you delete your Google Account.

First, sign into your Google Account. Then, next to My Products, click Edit.

Edit Google Products

At the next page, under Delete Account, click Close account and delete all services and info associated with it.

delete google account

At the next page, tick all the services and products shown and enter your password.

delete google account final step

Click Delete Google Account and your Google Account will be gone almost forever.

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  1. Well, I tried all that. And after all was said and done it came back and said "incorrect password".

    I used the the same password that I used to log into my account and even retyped the password using my keyboard. I was able to log in, but the same password didn't work when trying to delete the account.

    I tried to contact Google which was a huge waste of time.

    If anyone knows a way to do this I'll put you my will!

  2. After I changed the password to gmail, I often have difficulties signing in for unknown reasons even though I was quite sure I had typed in the correct password. I then typed the password into Notepad and copy-paste into the signin form and it worked very well. Perhaps you can try that.

  3. Will deleting 1 account delete all of your Goggle accounts or just the one your logged in to?

  4. Only the Google Account that you are logged in, but since this is a big step, perhaps you can go to a public computer, create a Google Account and then delete it as a test before you proceed with the actual Google Account that you want to delete. I vaguely remembered I tested that (in my home computer) and I still have my other Google accounts


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