Thursday, October 08, 2009

Make blog into book including photos

Many bloggers want to make their blog into a book and one possibility is Blog Collector. Unfortunately, Blog Collector cannot print photos.

Here is another possibility - Blog2print which can also print photos. Just give them the blog URL, set the date range, choose your book cover and add an acknowledgement or dedication if so desired, and Blog2print will generate a preview of your book including a table of content plus quote their prices.

If you are not prepared to foot out $24.95 for a 20 page hard cover book or $14.95 for soft cover, you can opt for PDF file for $7.95


  1. I so like your blog Peter. I just thought, yeah! Thanx!

  2. That could be useful at some point. Thank you for the link :-)

    Best regards,

    Lille Skvat

  3. Thank you very much of rthe tip. I will book mark this and may convert my blog to a book!!

  4. I tried Blog2print but wasn't happy with the quality. The UI doesn't allow you to change fonts, colors, formats, and general appearances (very limited). So... I found BookSmart which was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Download their free application, "slurp" your blog directly into book format, edit and publish. Better quality and cheaper, too.

  5. Mallory M is quite correct. Also, Blog2Print has almost zero formatting available, such that when I created a sample of my blog, all the paragraphs in each post had been crunched into one giant paragraph. And that included dialogue, too.
    How anybody can make a blog into a book with Blog2Print is beyond me. didn't have anything I could find about making your blog into a book. They do have a blog listing service, a sort of no-frills stumbleupon.


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