Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogger Dashboard (Create Posts Settings Layouts etc)

"..I am having trouble with finding the settings everyone is talking..."

Today's post is pretty basic but is important because it is the starting point for all your blogging tasks. I am referring to the Blogger Dashboard which essentially is the main launching pad to whatever you want to do with your Blogger blog. Many instructions will first ask you to log into Dashboard (from Once you log in, you will see something like the screen shot below:

screen shot of Blogger Dashboard

In the Dashboard you will see the link for SETTINGS which the blogger who asked the question above is looking for, among other tabs including "create" NEW POST, EDIT POSTS, LAYOUT, MONETIZE and STATS (visitor counter using Google Analytics). Clicking on SETTINGS will take you to another window with many sub-tabs (see screen shot below):

screen shot of Blogger SETTINGS

and initially you will be in the BASIC sub-tabs, and right at the bottom, you will see the GLOBAL SETTINGS (applicable to all blogs in the same Blogger account) where you can toggle between the Updated post editor and the old post editor.

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  1. Hii Peter,
    I loved the blog..2 questions…
    1) I am thinking of making some videos with my poems and voice over.What is the best tool you suggest.Camtasia is it??
    2) I am using a Template but can i make some basic changes to its design as getting the About me profile to top right rather than Bottom right.

  2. 1. Refer to Camstudio screen recorder which said "...Camtasia are good too... but then again they're not free."

    So if you have the money, why not? Me, still cheapskate user of free software.

  3. "2) I am using a Template but can i make some basic changes to its design as getting the About me profile to top right rather than Bottom right."

    Just sign into Dashboard > Design and drag the profile gadget to wherever you want.

  4. Dear Peter,
    To 1) Freeware Like...Camstudio??Or would you suggest something else...
    2) I did that already but it is not moving at all places..The only places it seems to go is below the body of the text of blog neatly alligned :)..That is it... :(..It flies back to its original position after being dragged to top right.

  5. "It flies back to its original position after"

    I think I have experienced something similar before and I remember solving it by doing it differently like instead of dragging profile from bottom to top, drag the top gadgets down one by one until eventually the profile ends up on top without you having to drag it. Try that and let me know if it helps

    Regarding Camtasia, I don't have that software as I am too stingy plus haven't had a compelling reason why I must have it. Since you are prepared to spend, why don't you go ahead then write a review for this blog as a guest blogger so you can get backlinks from here.

  6. DearPeter,
    I tried doing as you suggested and though the widgets change positions among themselves I still cannot find them sticking at any place in the blogspace. I have tweaked a bit by reducing the top margins in the HTML code but am far from a sloution.
    About Camtasia...I will try using Camstudio,Jing or some Freeware and If they do not work out ill switch to Camtasia... :)

  7. Forgot to ask, is your problem not being able to drag and drop or perhaps you can drag drop but forgot to save?

  8. I drag..The widget moves and then when It goes their and I leave it their...It simply comes back flying to its original position....Is it possible that certain Blogger Templates will not allow such Movements accross the entire space...or curb the functionality of the dashboard properties??....Thanks for all the support you have shown....

  9. Why my blog don't have Global Settings?

  10. Hasanah, I believe the Global Settings is no more with the new Bloger UI. I need to update this post.


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