Saturday, December 12, 2009

Make blog into a website

The title of this post could just as well be How to remove the time stamp, etc or Configure blog post. Let me explain.

This post is inspired by a blogger's question - how to remove the time stamp. I don't know his motivation for wanting to remove the time stamp, but I suspect that it is likely to be that he wants it to look more like a website than a blog. Which takes us to the question, what is the difference between a website and a blog?

Let me just quickly state what to me are some characteristics of a blog without going into controversies and then described how to remove those characteristics of a blog such as "time stamps", "posted by ....", comments, etc. so that they look more like a "website". Update: to those characteristics, perhaps I should also add Hide navbar.

Blogger with the "drag and drop" LAYOUT (New Blogger xml template) has made this very easy. All you need to do is to sign into Blogger (Dashboard), click on LAYOUT, then click EDIT in the BLOG POST section (see screen shot below):

screen shot showing Blogger LAYOUT and BLOG POST section with EDIT

Clicking on EDIT will then give you a window to CONFIGURE BLOG POSTS where you can just simply remove the ticks against those elements which you do not want to appear in your blog (see screen shot below):

The above screen shot showed all the elements (Day and Date, Posted by, time stamp, comments, trackbacks {links to this posts}, labels, quick edit icon) characteristic of a blog post removed (unticked). You can see an example of how such a blog will appear at Computer and Internet. I have left the other "give away's" like blog archive intact. The things you would notice missing are Day and Date accompanying the post title and the time stamps, "posted by", comments, labels, etc. at the bottom of the posts. This leave just the title and the post body.

Perhaps later I will elaborate more on the difference between a blog and a website and an illustration of what I mean.


  1. It doesn't means removing Blogger naval bar violate Blogger T&C...

  2. As far as I know, Blogger no longer impose the navbar on blogs. See Maybe it is OK to remove navbar.

  3. you said it right..there is no violation as so many themes are there which upon intalling..dont have nav. bar of blogger.......

  4. Hii Peter
    Is it possible to come to the STATIC home page and the blog page forms a seperate Dynamic page with RSS feeds which is common in most websites now a days. I am also trying to look it more like a Marketing Portfolio so any further suggestions will be greatly encouraged.I am digging in your posts to know how to give it a feel like a website.

  5. With the knowledge I have, I would guess Blogger static pages do not have RSS feed plus share the same template as normal posts. If what I can fathom of what you want, probably different look from your blog, I would think sub domain would better fit the bill in which case you will have to abandon the tabs Blogger automatically generate for you when you publish static pages and go for something similar to my simple text horizontal navigation bar

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  7. This is very, very helpful! Thank you!!

  8. What a great blog this is, it helped me a lot.

    Thank you.


  9. Removing your navbar isn't a violation to any of TOS of blogger. It just simply removing the navbar. Addition to that, I prefer the second title of this post. It really should be "How to remove the time stamp, etc" cause "Make blog into a website" is a little too far-fetched to the topic discussed.

  10. Hi sir,
    recently i have created a website but before this i have a blog, i have book the domain name of the blog into website. The important thing that I don't know how to keep all my post into the created website with the advertise in it.Please reply me soon in my gmail

  11. If you used the domain you have registered as a custom domain for your blog, you will not need to do much. Blogger will continue to host the content while redirecting traffic to the blog to the custom domain instead

  12. This is helpful. I am new and still learning these things. Thanks


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