Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why sometimes AdSense unit missing and how to fix them

Bloggers who have Google AdSense units set to display in their blogs often complained about missing AdSense units. I will use this blog to explain.

I have set the following AdSense units to display in this blog with the number of AdSense units in bracket):
  1. wide skyscraper unit in the left column (1 unit)
  2. leaderboard unit in the footer (1 unit)
  3. large rectangle in between posts (6 in the main page but only 1 in the individual post page)
Note: There should be 6 ad units in the main page or homepage) because I have set the number of posts to display in the main page to be 7 (the default).

Now in you count the total number of ad units, you will get a total of 8 ad units (1+1+6) in the main page but only 3 in the individual post page (permalink).

Google AdSense only allows a total of 3 AdSense ad units in any page and so in the main page, the extra 5 ad units get suppressed and you only see 1 wide skyscraper unit in the left column, 1 between the first and second post and 1 between the second and third post giving a total of three.

However, in the individual post page (permalink), there is only 1 ad unit immediately after the only post, 1 in the left sidebar and 1 in the footer giving a total of 3 (allowed) units with none suppressed.

Now if you have set AdSense units to display between posts and you don't want any ad units to be suppressed and you have similar settings for the AdSense units, all you need to do is to set the number of posts to display in the main page to 1 and only 1.


  1. Peter,
    Thank you very much of your information.
    I downloaded a template, when loaded up to my blog, it seem that there is already an adsense unit appear on top of my blog posts. Trying to go layout and edit blog posts to remove that Adsense unit but don't seem to find any. It seem it is embeded in the template. How do i remove that ? I try to position my ads in between post instead of that come with the template that placed right above the blog posts. Appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance.

  2. this is a whole other matter; but this is the most helpful site i've found on the whole internet so far: i just beg you can help me with some information. i accidentially deleted the google-account (gmail) connected to my bloggeraccount, and now i can access neither mail or blogs. it's all tears, panic and sadness. i've filled out forms unsuccessfully and tried to e-mail the support adress. nothing helps. please, what would you do? yours gratefully, anna winberg (you can reach me via

  3. I suggest you post your problem to Blogger Help Forum where there are Blogger Employees who are the only one who can help you.

    When you have posted there, let me have the thread's URL and I will see if I can draw those who can help to you problem.

  4. I am following ur blog for last two years and I think is good,I just have one question if u could anser,in google search when I search my site i get my blog title first then the post title,is there a way to get only post title in google search,for eg. i get blog title:post title but i want only post title,can u help,is it any good,any negative impacts,thank you.

  5. thanks for clearing my mind. great post.

    Talk about Pinoy and Everything

  6. Hi your blog is awesome!!!

    but could you help me with some problem on my blog? and that is my template doesnt have a blogger login on the top of my blog, so could you tell me how to add it on my blog? because I dont want to go to everytime when I want to log in.

    thank you :D

  7. That is the Blogger navbar.

    Here is what I suggest you do. First start a test blog using the same third party template that does not have a navbar. Go to the template editor of that test bar (Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML) and look for the following:

    #navbar-iframe {

    Delete that. If it works, then repeat for your actual blog.

  8. I like this post very much.
    Your blog is different from not only posting the article but also helping the bloggers. Thanks for this post.

  9. I did it and it worked.

    thank you so much :D

  10. just got adsense disabled arghhh hate adsense now, but still using it LOL

  11. Hi Peter

    I will still stick to 7 posts.

    Btw, you like to check out my for recent posts and comments widget.

    Please give me some comments for improvement. Thanks and Happy New Year.

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  13. Thanks for the info.

    Now my ads reappear again.

  14. sir ,
    i am subhrajyoti kundu .. i have a blog . my adsense account is not activated till now .. what should i do to activate my adsense account.

  15. Publish good content, do not ever try to click own ads, reapply.

  16. too many throuble in google ads, just want little money ppc, i rather enjoy writting and learning web designer, i hope

  17. Thanks Peter,

    I finally solved this adsense mystery on my site.

  18. Hi, Peter! This is also my main concern now, since, Google AdSense rarely shows on the main page, but, if I click my post link, all other ads on the leaderboard, side and bottom are all showing up. I just find it weird, because, I only have 3 AdSense ads on the front page of my site, and I barely see them now on my blog site:

    I am just confused now on what to do; if this is just a template glitch or what. I didn't change anything on my template. Tnx for your time!

  19. Peter,
    I sent an application to Google adsense few months ago. but google rejected it and informed me that my url must be like , not .. to have a adsence account.
    they are telling me that i must have a custom domain. but i have seen some bloggers have adsense on their sites. I tried to apply again and they told the same thing again.
    What do i have to do to get adsense on my blog without buying a domain? what are the facts they accept ?

    I greatly appreciate if you can help me. thanks

  20. Adsense now has many publishers and have become very fussy. Previously sub-domains like may be accepted and from what I hear from you, they want you to have a custom domain in addition to having good content


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