Saturday, January 23, 2010

Contact Form

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  1. Mr Peter,
    How i can make a 'contact' like you have. I have registered with Kontactr but when i put the link in html, i will only have the form of contact that open directly from Contactr. I want it to be in my own blog. What should i do

  2. peter,how to put the displayed code in the scroll box at my blog after u had changed it in the notepad?cn u teach me how to do it,pls..

  3. Are you trying to add a contact form to your blog? Refer to
    Contact form with Kontactr plus comparison to contact form created with Google Docs
    How to add Kontactr contact form to your blog

    BTW are you above 21. If so please go to Post Office to register to vote to exercise your right to chose your government.

  4. BTW some have complained about problem with the captcha (word verification) with Kontactr. If you face similar problem, perhaps you can add alternatives like I did at contact me

  5. Hi,Peter,I am Eng.I want to make a contact form like u that one.Can u teach me how to make it? Firstly i must do what? If any people go to my blogspot and they want to leave their email for me,are them just fill in their email into the form then i will see their email in my inbox??thx alot

  6. Mr Peter,have you recieved my question??

  7. You should be able to find a relevant post to help you at SERP for contact forms or at creating contact form with Kontactr


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