Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Alert: Change in Twitter username and account

Hi folks,

Sorry to disturb you and if you are subscribing to this blog's feed, apologies for interrupting you, but it can't be help. If you are a subscriber, I hope you do not unsubscribe.

Reason, I need to alert readers who had followed my first Twitter username @enviroman that for blog related tweets, I have changed username to @bloggerfordummi. So if you have been following @enviroman previously and you wish to continue receiving blogs and Blogger.com related tweets, please follow @bloggerfordummi.

And of course you are free to unfollow @enviroman or continue as this Twitter account (my first Twitter account) is still active, but if I ever tweet again here, it will be for things other than blog related stuff (may change later, don't know).

Reasons for this was @enviroman was suspended for a long time and when I got tired of appealing a waiting, I started @bloggerfordummi. Not too long after that, my suspension was lifted and since I had followers, I continues to twit here on blog related matters.

However, noting that @bloggerfordummi has the words blog and Blogger and phrase "for Dummies" (incidentally Blogger for Dummies was my first blog related blog, but decided to start this Blogger Tips and Tricks because of trademark related issues ("for Dummies" is a trademark of Wiley Publishing).

However, the aim of Blogger Tips and Tricks remains the same, namely as a source of easily understood information and instructions for blog, blogging and Blogger.com related matters. The blog title of Blogger for Dummies will now be changed to Blogger for Dummies (for blog) since the trademark "for Dummies" I assume is for books, so using the same term for blog means there is no violation of their trademark "for Dummies (for book). And Blogger for Dummies (for blog) will continue to be updated but for stuff which are relatively simpler.

There are some who may be sort of offended if the read Blogger for Dummies, but to me and I hope to you, let us regard "for Dummies" as a phrase which conveys something which (no offence) indicate something anybody view himself as a dummy (no offence) can understand easily.

To me, it is no problem at all if I call myself a dummy but the person I address then proceed to give me very clear instructions or information. I fact, I am happy to call myself a dummy as long as everybody including anyone more "dummy" than me continue to educate me as I consider myself a lifelong learner.

So folks, call me a dummy if you want but please if you have anything to teach me, I beg you not to hesitate. Cheers.

Peter @ Enviroman (Blog*Star)
(think I will leave a graphic signature as well):

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1 comment:

  1. Huh...what is there to be offend with the phrase Blogger for Dummies?

    Thanks for informing the change in twitter username.

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai!


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