Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Web Host Rating comparison

There are now more and more businesses using blogging software as some kind of CMS (content management systems) to setup and manage their website, my son's security business for example which will be using And for most cases where the requirements are not too demanding, it is sufficient. This is especially true now for since it has upgraded from using the old classic template to the new xml template plus teamed up with Google Apps.

Currently, that powered website is hosted free of charge by Blogger. Going down this route means no direct access to the web servers hosting his blog/website. But if ever he need direct access to the web servers such as for certain database operations, he will have to think of self-hosting his website which means the need to find a reliable web host at reasonable cost.

Fortunately there are websites offering web host rating making the task of selecting web host slightly easier. The more consistent the ratings, the more confidence we should have of their ratings. Below is a comparison between 2 web host rating websites:

1InMotion HostingInmotion
3Just HostJustHost
4Web Hosting PadWebHostingPad
6IX WebhostingGreenGeeks

We can see that the ratings are fairly consistent. And similarly in the 2 sidebars, there are similarly links to different ratings according to different purposes or criteria such as Best Blog Hosting and Best Forum Hosting, something (forum) I am considering for this blog itself.


  1. Hi Peter, I think you are doing a tremendous good job!! Thank you for all the tips and tricks!

    I have a question,
    How could I, with the help of the tools in blogger, edit my pictures so that my readers do not get the possibility/option to enlarge my pictures when they click on them??
    I do not want my readers to see every little detail, or make less flattering objects to be noticeable/visible. I would be so incredible happy to get an answer!! Please leave me a note, if wanted in my blog, if you have the time to solve my problem.

    Kind regards,

    Modern Country

  2. Thank you so very much for your respond and answer Peter!! :))

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Thanks for sharing this! I was able to do the updates I've been wanting to.


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