Monday, March 22, 2010

Post in chronological order hack

Update: Hacker has an updated script. His message: "Although the previous version worked for me, I decided to rewrite the script, here: Blogger posts in chronological order, 2011 version. Please use this revised script, it is better :)

Blog posts are by default arranged in reversed chronological order in the home page, that is, the newest (latest or most recent) post right at the top and followed by older post. A very common request from bloggers is to have the posts arranged in chronological order instead, that is, the oldest post at the top to be followed by earlier posts.

Up till now, the best solution we had been able to offer is to ask the blogger to play with dates and time or alternatively, edit the template to add extra "add a gadget" and then make a "sticky" post.

Now apparently the David Merriman had come up with a Blogger Hacking: Chronological Order where apparently all you need to do is to copy some script and paste it into your blog template just before the </body> tag and it will make posts in the home page display in chronological order instead of the usual default reversed chronological order of blogs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Advice: Never delete blog or post (And if you ever did, what to do?)

One very good reason not to delete a blog or a post, especially if the blog or post is not a relatively new one, is that deletion will lead to dead links. Take Prabha's problems for example (from a comment at Permalink SEO:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Create sub-domain with custom domain

If you are just interested to know how to create sub-domain, skip directly to How to create sub-domain

A blogger's complaint that the static page he created has unwanted expandable post summary (if I understand him correctly is the push I needed to finally write this post on sub-domain. He suspect it may have something to do with the fact that he is using a template with built-in expandable post summary (again if I understand him correctly. He may be right but it looks that the static page one created via Blogger uses the same template.

Anyway I figure his solution might be to abandon blogspot and upgrade to custom domain and create a sub-domain instead as the sub-domain can use any template which may or may not be the same as the original. It is practically a separate independent website. Look at the one I created recently (still under construction). If you go to BT&T FAQ which is the title of that sub-domain, you may see me using the same template, but the blog title, sidebars, etc are different from Blogger Tips and Tricks.

A bit more rambling. While for a long time, was negatively compared with Wordpress, since it abandoned the old classic template and forced everyone to upgrade to the new Blogger xml templates, Blogger has improved by leaps and bounds. Not only that, now coupled with Google Apps, you have a very easy "content management system" to create many things without getting too technical. In fact, I know that Google (here in Malaysia anyway) is working with a students from a University to help SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) using Blogger and Google Apps to create >websites for businesses.

How to create sub-domain

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