Saturday, March 20, 2010

Advice: Never delete blog or post (And if you ever did, what to do?)

One very good reason not to delete a blog or a post, especially if the blog or post is not a relatively new one, is that deletion will lead to dead links. Take Prabha's problems for example (from a comment at Permalink SEO:

"Hi Peter,

I'm having a unique problem with my permalink to individual post url. For some posts this is the format: (which is what I want)

and for some others it is in this format: (which I do not want)

I want them all in the first format without the DATE appended at the end. How do i fix this problem. Please help. This problem is causing my old links to break. I do not know what is causing the date to be appended at the end for some posts.

Turned out that her problem was she had exported her blog, deleted all the posts thinking that when she import back her blog, she will get the same content with the same permalink (individual post title).

One example, she deleted this original post:
and expected to get back the same URL when she import back her blog, but instead, she got
which was almost the same, but still not the same because of the _10 appended. This cause all the previously existing links in search engines and other websites to become dead link.

I suggested to her to first delete the blog and then immediately register a blog with the same URL, and then only import back her blog using the file that she had saved when she first exported the blog. Of course I did advise her to first test those steps with a test blog first. ("Why don't you try this. Create a test blog perhaps using content from Article Alley for the posts. Save all the permalinks somewhere. Export the blog. Then DELETE THE BLOG. After deleting the test blog, reregister again using the same URL and then import what you had previously exported and compare the new permalinks with the old permalinks. If they are the same, and since you are already in trouble, perhaps you can try to recreate your problem blog using the above method.)

To my relief and happiness, that worked, for she wrote back: "Hi Peter, I followed your suggestion and it was a total "Success!!!" Thanks for all your help. It will be helpful to write a post on this fix. I'm sure someone will benefit in the future."

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  1. Thank you soooo much. I did the exact same thing. I exported my blog, changed my template around then tried to import the blog back and all my permalinks were lost. You seriously saved my bacon on this one. I thought I was going to lose my lunch when I hit 'delete' on my blog. But I just created a new blog with the same name and then imported the blog again and it was magic! My subscribers are going to be a bit annoyed to find 120 posts in their mailboxes though :(

  2. Peter,

    I imported some post from my older blog to new one.

    After noticing they are not causing to any increase in traffic to my new blog, I deleted them.

    Now I find that if I search that pages on google then it directs to my new blog, but unable to find them as I have deleted them.

    Now I do not want to reload them and also wants to delete any link to them and waste my traffic of older blog.

    I hope you understand and solve my problem, Thanks

  3. Anonymous7/11/2010

    Your Blog is Wonderfull. All of content very useful for many people.

  4. Anonymous8/16/2010

    hi peter,
    i think i may be running into the same problems as well. i recently signed up for a new google account so that my blog will correspond to my new email. however, i exported my blog from my old google account, but i have 0 followers. is that supposed to happen? and how can i fix that?

    another question is that should i delete my blog on my old account so that it doesnt confuse me? im afraid that if i delete that blog, it'll delete my imported posts as well.

    thanks :)

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