Friday, April 09, 2010

Blogger video upload icon and the old post editor

Many bloggers have asked why they cannot upload video via Blogger post editor anymore? Or they ask, what happened to the "filmstrip icon" which I believe is the Blogger video upload icon at the end of the toolbar you see in the screen shot below:

Blogger's toolbar with video upload icon

In practically every case, I have found that the reason their "filmstrip icon" disappeared is because they are using the new updated post editor which do not provide for video upload.

The solution is simple. Just go to SETTINGS > BASIC (the Basic tab is the very first "sub-tab" for SETTINGS which you will be in once you click the SETTINGS tab) and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see the options to select the new updated post editor or the old post editor:

Blogger radio buttons to select new updated post editor or old post editor

Select the old post editor, save, go to your post editor and there you will see your "filmstrip icon".

Note: Many also asked after uploading a video via Blogger's video upload icon, where is the video stored, meaning, where is it accessible (like when you upload a video to Youtube, then anyone can view the video or get the embed code at Youtube)? The answer according to a Blogger Employee is, it "disappear into a deep black hole" meaning you will not get anything like uploading to Youtube.

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  1. The easy way is to post your video in YouTube, then just paste the embed code into your post.

  2. Thanks peter - I was wondering what happened & don't care until i saw this :-)

  3. I have the video download icon but when I click on it I'm still unale to download any videos. Please help!

  4. "I'm still unale to download any videos."

    We are discussing uploading videos, not downloading

  5. thank you so much for posting this. I am trying to post a video that is too long for youtube and I am hoping it will go on here! the file isn't big but it is 11 minutes long and on youtube it said it had to be under 10! I couldn't find the film strip and it was driving me crazy! THANKS!

  6. I too had a video 15mins long which was successfully uploaded to Youtube but subsequently deleted because it was too long.

    Like you I have tried to upload via Blogger and have so far attempted 4 times but failed. However, the reason could be slow connection so will be trying again.

    Do keep me updated on your progress.

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  8. Peter, you're a lifesaver! Thanks a bunch for this post. The only tutorials I could find online were for posting YouTube videos.

    @ Warren
    Not everyone wants their video on YouTube. My YouTube channel is hair-related and the video I wanted to post on my blog wasn't.

  9. I followed your steps but I do not have the film strip Icon. I have been having some issues with the layout of my site for a while now and I almost scraped it to go else where but I do like how easy blogger is. Can you help me out with this? I am at my witz end!


  10. Amanda. Did you switch to the old post editor? If yes but you still don't see the film strip icon, make a screen shot and send it to me at contact me (may involve a round trip)

  11. Anonymous7/01/2010

    Mine was about 60 MB, couldn't get it to upload on Blogger. I uploaded it to my Vimeo account, embedded it from there. Presto.

  12. I have a video that exceeded 10 minutes which while successfully uploaded to Youtube was eventually deleted for being too long. With Blogger, the upload went forever and never stop, never succeed. Wonder if Vimeo can enable upload of video more that 1o minutes long?

  13. Could you teach us the html code to enable autoplay of the video we have uploaded to blogger?

    Not youtube videos or other video sites, but using the icon mentioned in the above post, blogger uploaded video.

  14. Many thanks, I am a starter here so your tips are much appreciated !Take a look at my "opera" also please :

  15. Peter,

    Thanks for a great blog. Question: What kind of camera is the easiest to use if you want to post video on to a blog (or youtube for that matter. I'm just looking for the quickest way, doesn't have to be perfect quality.

    Also, do you upload directly from your camera? or from your computer to the blog. THANKS!

  16. Me I just use a simple compact digital camera with video capabilities - easy to carry around. and I just use a card reader to transfer to the computer then upload to Youtube from there. I am quite satisfied but there are people who are more fussy than me.

  17. Anonymous11/08/2010

    Hey Peter:

    My uploaded blogger videos are not playing in chrome. Getting an error message when trying to play.

  18. Thank you - I could not for the life of me figure out where that icon had gone and how to get videos up again!

  19. Dear Peter,
    I followed the steps and reverted back to the old setup to upload a video - however, when I click the 'upload' button it doesn't bring up an upload form to browse through my computer... doesn't do anything at all, actually.

    Any suggestions?

  20. I tested clicking on the video upload icon in a test blog and it brought up the browse window, although I didn't actually proceed to uploading as your complaint was only that it does't bring up the upload "form".


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