Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recover blog deleted as splog, TOS violation

Blogger is really going all out to delete blogs which are splogs (spam blogs) and those not confirming to their Blogger Terms of Service which unfortunately is resulting in many false positive (blogs deleted which are not splogs). I was a victim too when one of my environmental blog - Aerator - an environmental blog was deleted for supposed "TOS violation" which it is not. It is an environmental blog with an original innovation Method to increase efficiency of wastewater aerator

If yours too had been wrongly deleted, follow the steps below which I used to get my blog restored:

Step 1. You may have received an email informing you of the blog being deleted:

Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we've removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible.

For more information, please review the following resources:

Blogger Terms of Service:
Blogger Content Policy:

Go to your Dashboard and scroll to the bottom where you will see that blog which had been deleted together with a link Restore (see screen shot below):


Click on that Restore link and complete the captcha (word verification) in the resulting window to verify you are human.

Step 2. Submit an entry to the Appeal Spreadsheet and enter your blog URL into the appeal box (see screen shot below) and click SUBMIT:

Step 3: Post a report in Blogger Help Forum: Something is broken and wait 2 days. Remember to "Favorite" Google Forum star for favoriting a thread that thread and/or copy-paste the thread URL into a Notepad file to save somewhere safe for future reference so that you can get back to that thread when you need to.

Incidentally, in that thread, I had mentioned in passing that the blog has an original innovation for its content and I do not know if that helped, but for sure, it would not harm my quest to get the blog restored.

Step 4. If after 2 days your blog has still not been restored, go back to that thread and bump it up with an appeal to any Blog*Star to help escalate it to a Blogger Employee and then wait and pray.


  1. yes.....i restored my games blog in a similar fashion....

  2. liked your blo so much, tell me about the navigation bar i mean how to make a navigatin bar below header the same that you have made?

  3. ooooooh i'm astonished by your quick reply thank you very much !

  4. Anonymous6/04/2010

    HI I am new to the blogger. Your Article is useful for the readers. I have been exploring various blog to know how to blog and know about various techniques that I can use on my blog


  5. This a very nice of you to share ways to restore the deleted blog coz of SPAM flag but I would like to share that I have one of my blogs deleted coz they think that it violates TOS, SPAM, while all of the contents was written by me and it is beyond my expectation that it will be a SPAM.

    I even bought a domain name for that blog and as the result I lost the blog and the domain. I try to restore it several time then appeal and last step is posting on blogger help forum.

    Guess what? Nothing after nothing until now. I should be more that 6 months after several try.

    Now I decided to move most of my existing blog to self-host running on Wordpress.

    Anyway I really love blogger and I strongly hope that they will try to enhance its service. I do afraid that my other blogs will be deleted again and I will lose all of the afford spending on those blogs.

    Be a better man,!

  6. You still have the URL of the thread over at Blogger Help Forum? If so, do send me its URL.
    Also URL of your deleted blog if you still have it.

    1. its deleted. plz do something and restore it

  7. hi i am new blogger,thank help forum

  8. Hello

    I received an email today from blogger:

    Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM.......

    I followed your advice and used restore on the dashboard, submitted the url to the appeals spreadsheet and posted my request on

    Here's hoping. Is there anything else I can do?

    Great thread by the way, really helpful.

  9. You have done Step 1 and 2. You can still do Step 3 (post to Blogger Help Forum) and Step 4 if 1,2,3 didn't give the desired result.

  10. Hi Peter

    I posted my request to have my blog restored at;

    Is this the Blogger help forum? If not please could you post a link


  11. Yes wait 2 days before bumping up the thread if blog still not restored.

  12. gmail not validate my account. it always ask for verify a/c.

  13. Your blog was helpful. I am worried sick bcz my blog got deleted today morning. It is a work from home related blog, but no reason to be a SPAM.
    Did all the steps u told. keeping an eye on my thread in the forum and eagerly waiting for 2 days to pass.
    Thanks a lot for ur help !!!!

  14. Sir

    Pls forward my non spam blog to any blogger employer for the earliest review to get it ublocked
    Blog URL follows

    The blog mentioned above serving lot of candidates preparing for public examinations conducted in India.. nearly 2000 email subscription and about 300 followers .. they are all asking why the blog deleted ? s great shame to me.. pls do the needful and restore my deleted blog misunderstood by robotic programs as Spam blog.

    I already done these steps

    Step1 : Unlock request on 23 october 2010

    Step 2 : submitted an appeal

    Step 3 : Posted a question on bloggers help forum.

    Any blog star members read my post pls review my blog and unlock it at the earliest pls....

    Thanking you

    With Regards

  15. Please give more information including your justification as to why your blog is not spam or in violation of Blogger TOS

  16. Hello, Peter,

    Thank you for this post. My blog was deleted very recently and I found your post EXTREMELY helpful.

    I've followed the steps you outlined. Hopefully, my blog will be reinstated in a few days as it's definitely not a spam blog.

    Thanks, again.

  17. Thank you for allowing me to post here.Couple of my blogs were deleted while i was updating them and its been over 2 months and everytime i do the verification thing for google to resinstate my blogs as they are not spam.hope posting at your blog will somehow help my blogs to recover.

    you can check my blogs by all means and they certainly are not spam.please help.kind regards

  18. I have applied for restoroation of my blog ( today ! Now looking for official staff replies !

  19. In the beginning, I would like to thank you much about this great blog. It is rely useful and helpful resource for blogger users. You can find many things here. Thanks once again.
    My blog
    was deleted by blogger because they say, I have violated our TOS.
    I did all your above steps and I'm waiting for their response. I hop to get it back and I hop to help my get it back. Thanks much for you.

  20. When was your blog deleted? If it is not splog or violate TOS it may take some time before it gets deleted. If it takes too long, leave a comment again so that I can escalate it to a Blogger Employee.

  21. Thanks much for your response.
    My blog was deleted since 2 days ago.
    It is deleted also from the dashboard,it's restore access is no longer available on the dashboard.
    Here is the massage that i have received from blogger:

    We'd like to inform you that we've received another complaint regarding your blog ( Upon review of your account, we've noted that your blog has repeatedly violated Blogger's Terms of Service ( Given that we've provided you with several warnings of these violations and advised you of our policy towards repeat infringers, we've been forced to remove your blog.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    The Blogger Team

    Please help and tel me what I should do to get it back. Thanks much for you

  22. That is a very strong message which I have never seen before and sound serious. I am not clear about what was the cause of deletion and the only thing I can do is to refer you to the Blogger Help Forum or to ask you to complete all the steps that is listed in this post.

  23. Thank you for your help. I have also lost my blog recently for it being incorrectly labeled as spam. ( I had put a lot of time and effort into this blog over the years to have it just taken away. I have followed you above steps and posted in the blogger help forum (

    Now to cross my fingers. If I cannot get it restored, is there a way to at least get my content? I am just heartbroken over this.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. It was deleted in the beginning of December, I was just referred to your site yesterday. I have completed all the steps, so I will wait the 2 days and bump my post.

    Thank you for the info about backing up as well. If it is restored, that is the first thing I will do!

  26. Please! I want your help
    As I said above, my blog was deleted by blogger after spending more months and years of hard work. I'm going now to register an new one but I'm afraid to get it deleted by blogger again, so if I register my own domain does blogger will also delete my blogger if something wrong happens or not. Please help me

  27. I am afraid that using your own domain with Blogger does not stop them from deleting your blog because the blog is hosted on their servers IF it really is a spam blog or violates their TOS (free blog too get deleted) and the only way you can be sure is to start a blog and host the blog yourself which means you will have pay hosting charges.

    As for me, I am happy to continue with Blogger because I depend on Google's motto (Don't do evil) for them not to do that to my blog plus the fact that they do system for us to get it undeleted if it happpen wrongly via their help forum but there is no guarantee

  28. Can someone get this blog back online
    My e-mail address is

    the blog that had been labeled as blam blog/spam

  29. MAN PLEASE HELP ME!! I have a different case, I have received several mails of blogger of copyright infrigement, here is what the mail said !We'd like to inform you that we've received another complaint regarding your blog ( Upon review of your account, we've noted that your blog has repeatedly violated Blogger's Terms of Service ( Given that we've provided you with several warnings of these violations and advised you of our policy towards repeat infringers, we've been forced to remove your blog."

    THE THING IS I had google adsense and I don't know if I am gonna get my money and also how to recover my blog, is there anyway????????please help me

  30. lc, sounds like you have infringed on other people's copyright and thus violated Blogger TOS and if that is true, only you can help yourself. As per Adsense, that I believe is independent of Blogger's account (unless you got your Adsense account via Blogger itself? I don't know) but if your Adsense account is suspended whatever earnings that had not yet been paid out will not be sent to you. I am sorry I cannot give you better news.

  31. Dear Peter,

    I did exactly what you told .But, still now, I didn't get any message from Google.Every weeks, I can click on Restore Access to this blog and it was like a new .Today, I did that again.Did all 4 Steps. But, my Blog is Still Blocking. It is the third times I tried that 4 steps. Waiting For Review again.
    Please give me some advice.


  32. Give me the URL of that thread in the Blogger Help Forum

  33. hey mr. peter plz help

    Someone requested a complaint against my tricksmahal blog that i'm copying his posts in my blog.
    but it was not like that.
    i had copied around 4-5 posts in march-2011 but after that i regularly update my blog with my own new postings.
    some days before i got a mail regarding dat my 4-5 posts has been converted into draft status
    but dat tym i was not able to access net so i didnt deleted that 4-5 posts.
    now DMCA has removed my blog.
    but i want a chance to improve And so please help me to recover my blog:
    i have done a very hard work on this blog.
    please please help me sir.
    Pulkit Juneja

  34. many people are experiencing the same problem.
    what is the real cause of removed blog because of spam robot?

  35. There are lots of unscrupulous people taking advantage of Blogger's free service and they were forced to resort to using "robots" to identify and delete spam blogs

  36. RE:

    The above blog was deleted a few hours ago and the msg to me via a hotmail account cited as a reason 'personal info', however:


    My blog has all our condo documents posted for residents to review and there are updates on condos for sale, foreclosures etc.


    I HAVE 5 YEARS OF TIME AND EFFORT IN THIS BLOG AND IT JUST DISAPPEARS! WHAT NONSENSE and it seems impossible to actually get to someone at the company!

    Does anyone have their actual address or a phone number where someone can write or call to the President or CEO and complain about this?

  37. I am very sorry about the situation you are in which may happen to any of us because of Blogger generosity in providing free service plus the numerous others who abused it forcing adoption of robotic programs to try to stem it out.

    Personal information? Perhaps Blogger is trying to protect you but I don't know. What you have to do is, if there is a link in the email to click to ask for review, do it. Or there may be a link in your Dashboard to request review.

    A third possibility would be to post to Blogger Help Forum and perhaps any of us Top Contributors may escalate it to the attention of Blogger if deemed warranted. Nitecrurz is particularly active in this area.

  38. Count me as another victim of the Blogger bots after more than four years using the platform. Following a successful email round to my iContact opt-in list last week, which resulted in about 400 reads of my latest post, Blogger locked down without notice or explanation. Visitors now encounter an ominous screen claiming "Terms of Service" violation. This is damaging to my professional reputation. I've been forced to deny other influential publishers from linking to my popular post, costing me reads and credibility.

    As an ethical blogger I am needless to say highly motivated to identify the source of the problem and correct it. I was shocked to discover that this is impossible, given the Blogger process. There is nobody to contact, only a hard-to-find button labeled "Request Unlock Review" which once clicked, goes gray and dormant.

    After a full week with zero notification, communication, or explanation, my blog remains out of business. Blogger is effectively firing me as a customer - a fact that I will be obligated to inform my 3,800-member mailing list after I transfer to an alternate platform.

    Peter you seem like one of the few informed sources about how Blogger does things. Can you suggest anything at all that could lead me to a different conclusion?


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