Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tool - Cover live events with blog

Here is another very useful tool for blogger which will enable you to conveniently cover a live event such as a sport event, court trial proceedings, elections, disasters etc. This can be done either in person, invited panelists, Twitter accounts, XML feeds, readers comments so you have lots of choices for its content. That tool is which can either be a free tool with ads or a paid for tool.

To see an example, surf over to Anil Netto: Live - Polling day for Sibu by-election. Apparently, one can select either chronological order (newest events first) like in the above or reversed chronological order (oldest events first) like this post which covers the same event - LIVE Sibu By-Election On Polling Day. And if you want to compare how different bloggers can cover the same event, see also Lina Soo: Sibu by-election live coverage (same event but content different among others, due to different feed).

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