Friday, January 01, 2010

Cannot add gadgets with template designer? - solution

A blogger who was unable to add gadgets when in design (clicking on "add gadgets" takes me the blogger back to my dashboard page). Also, if he try from layouts, thru new template designer, all options are deactivated.

The blogger solved his problem quite simply in the end:
(1) adopted new template, and
(2), changed to mozilla firefox browser... "add gadgets" got enabled again...

Well if you have a similar problem, perhaps his experience can help you solve the problem


  1. honestly, I don't have any problem adding gadget to my blog.well, it only happen when my internet connection getting low and the gadget is not loading at all and force me to close it. but I know this is not problem because the real problem is my low internet speed.
    i just really love the template of blog in unirow but when I trying to validate it, it shows me many errors.
    the theme in blogspot is trully important part in managing gadget. I have adding a gadget in my blog but cannot move it to the other section like in middle or upper section because of my theme. using the standard theme comes from blogger eliminate the problems, so i believe theme is really important factor in managing gadget.
    I really love my theme, even it have some errors, i try to overcome the problems one by one but there are still some problems.
    I want to change my theme with a theme which have the same same looks (different css and XML coding).
    I have no experience in xml and css and that is the bad news for me.
    the browser is really important too because i have compared it using Opera, Chrome,IE and Firefox. any of the have their own advantages.

    so,I wish you could share the knowledge with us on how to overcome the problem by changing xml or css code. but this is just my opinion. ^_^
    I really enjoy reading your article.
    forgive me forcing you reading this long comment.

    (if you need the XML of my theme,just ask me ^_^)

    edit: my blog in unirowis now down and returned 404 not found due to migrating DNS from DNSPxxK to IDWebHxxt.
    the CS told me if the site will be online in two days.
    (I'm worried with their service. I have a feeling it will be more than 2 days as the other domain of mine tooks 4 days to activate.if i didn't complaint to CS, it might be 10 days).

  2. I have tried to "add a gadget"

    "" target="_top">Click Here!"

    and others and get "URL contains illegal characters"

    Your HTML cannot be accepted: Closing tag has no matching opening tag: A


  3. That error message simply tells you your HTML is not correct as <a> is not accompanied by </a>

    Refer to Blogger for Dummies: How to make a hyperlink
    How to make active links in posts and comments

  4. i have many a times but i havent able to add add a gadget box to my fotter.


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