Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to include link to Twitter page in your navigation bar

"Is it possible to have a RSS feed of another blog as Blogger page? I noticed also that one of your Page is just a link of your Twitter account. How do you do that?"

I assume you are referring to that link to my Twitter "tab" that you see just below this blog Title as highlighted with a yellow arrow in the screen shot below:

Simple text horizontal navigation bar and link to Twitter highlighted with yellow arrow

That does not use RSS feed but is just an active clickable hyperlink to Enviroman's Twitter page within that row of simple text horizontal navigation bar.

It is all explained in the above post as well as in this Create static pages with Blogger.

The same can be done for link to any webpage that you or other own like my online Blogger for Dummies blog or this make money online blog etc., to any static page or practically anything you like.


  1. How do you change the sidebar title backround colour with the template designer?

  2. Sounds like I will need to do some experimenting and convert some test blogs to the template designer. Check back later.

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could help me. I came across your site here as Ive been searching and searching online how to remove the horizontal scrollbar on my blog.
    Seems not everyone can see the horizontal scrollbar but I can.
    Its on the bottom of my blog and it seems like the right side of my blog is too large.
    But when I looked at my HTML settings, I dont see whats wrong and why the horizontal scrollbar is there.
    Would you know how I can fix it?
    This is my blog address:

    Thanks most kindly,

  4. Hi Candy. Have a look at this Blogger Tips and Tricks Youtube channel first video which uses your blog as the STAR of the video. See if the video answer your question or if you don't understand what I tried to explain, ask again.

  5. Thank you Peter for your prompt reply.
    I looked at the video. And I read the blogger tips and tricks.
    Im not quite sure I understand what to do.

    I was thinking you wanted me to change my computer screen resolution. But when I tried that, it made my computer and icons HUGE.

    And also..... I only have this horizontal scrollbar issue with my blog. I dont have this scrollbar issue on any other of my blogs or any other sites on the web. Which makes me think it cant be my computer resolution but it has to be my blog widths.

    However, when I tried to change my blog widths, it still didnt matter. The scrollbar still remains.

    Is there anything specific I can do?

    Thanks most kindly for your help,


  6. Anonymous11/27/2010

    How to include link to Twitter page in your navigation bar. thanks for sharing

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  8. Great advice! I really wanted to see what I can do to make-up my blog!


  9. whether it can be when we make tweeter box of comments on our blog friend??


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