Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HTML textarea tag replaces scroll box

A blog reader by the name of Kevin of http://www.thebrosource.com/ alerted me to the <textarea< tag in place of the more complicated codes for scroll box. I tested it at Testing Blogger: testarea tag in place of scroll box.

The code is as follows:
<textarea cols="50" rows="30">type your text here</textarea>
where cols="50" defines the box for the text area to be 50 characters wide and rows="30" defines the number of rows to be 30. Note that the test shows that you should type the text without using the ENTER key otherwise the line break will be represented by the line break tag <br />

More details on the usage of the textarea tag at W3schools: HTML textarea tag


  1. hello sir
    my blog address is

    in this blog i want to upload any
    file like as (pdf file .swf file )
    and any man downlaod these file

    what code / what method
    please tell me

  2. The only thing I can think of for what you want is either use scribd.com as described in embed pdf file into post or host your files with a file host and then use iFrame to embed that webhost into your post.

  3. Probably you can not upload files like pdf ,swf,doc. Use direct link uploading sites for that purpose .

    Hacking Tutorial

  4. sometimes if we write code in a textarea tag, will appear look of code <br /> in the new line...fiuhhh

  5. It is already stated that if you press the enter key it will generate that <br /> tag so don't click the enter key lah


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