Saturday, October 29, 2011

Will old images disappear when changing to custom domain?

The answer is no. Images will remain as long as the Google/Blogger account they are associated with is not deleted. I have checked one of my oldest post - How to change the date and time of your post which has a screen shot and which is dated Monday, May 01, 2006, way before I converted the blog to custom domain.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Upload text and picture direct from computer

There are bloggers who want to be able to prepare their posts including text and photos in their computer and upload it direct to Blogger. Some have tried using copy-paste from Microsoft WORD which obviously will not work.

Here is a solution - Windows Live Writer. To add a photo while in Windows Live Writer, either click the photo icon or use the INSERT drop-down menu as shown in the screen shot below:

If you wish, you can also add an album. Click PHOTO ALBUM. For this, you will have to have a Window Live ID and be logged in. Once logged in, click ADD PHOTO and browse to the photo in your computer you want to add to the album. Then click OPEN and the photo will be added to the album.

I have tested this at Test uploading photo from Windows Live Writer and found that it works well.

Easily publish tables with Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer plugin

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blogger new User Interface

Blogger has introduced its new UI (User Interface) where among other changes, those familiar tabs below the Blog Title (see screen shot below):

Blogger old UI

has been replaced by a drop-down menu at the right end of the list of blogs just before the VIEW BLOG tab. See screen shot below:

Blogger new UI

Solution to "not authorized to leave comment" message

Have you ever experienced trying to leave a comment while logged in but get the message that you are not authorized to do so?

Try this: Click the link for using another account, then log in again with the same one. Uncheck the Stay Signed In box. This should take you to finish your comments.

Acknowledgement: The solution provided in this post is from The New Katney

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blog URL changed - how to restore original permalink

When you change the URL of a blogspot blog, the permalink (individual post URL) also changes and if the blog already has incoming backlinks, these links will become dead links (page not found). So if you are unhappy about that, what can you do?

I would suggest going back to Blogger dashboard, click SETTINGS then PUBLISHING and change the blog URL back to the original blog URL. Of course you will need to do it fast because that option will not be available any more if another blogger has already registered that URL. If successful, all your original permalinks will be restored.

I have tested it at a test blog Computer Hardware Tips and Tricks and confirmed that after changing the blog URL back to the original, the permalink of the individual post had also been restored.

More details - original permalinks

and when changed to a new blog URL, these permalinks became (those changed items in red)

and when the blog URL revert back to its original URL, these permalinks then become changed back to the original as shown below:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lifestyle bloggers, Kontera wants you.

Is your blog or website considered as a LIFESTYLE blog or website? "Lifestyle" encapsulates topics of interest to women and families such as Apparel and Beauty, Cooking and Dining, Holidays and Special Occasions, Home and Garden, Kids and Parenting, Shopping Smartly, and other ways to manage and save a household’s money.

If you blog on these topics, Kontera wants you. Here is a chance for you to earn some money online with your blog. Apply for Kontera account so that you can display unobtrusive in-text ads in your blog or website. Kontera have found that Lifestyle sites results in some of the best ads and results on Kontera

Also, if you get at least 25,000 U.S. page views during their first 30 days after implementing Kontera, will receive a $75 Bonus.

What does other Lifestyle bloggers and website owners found about Kontera? They get:

  • Premium ads and big brand advertisers.

  • Users are engaged with the ads (high click rates).

  • No extra space is required - an incremental monetization opportunities within site's editorial content and text.

  • Flexible settings for easy customization.

  • Only a minute to set up and DOES NOT require daily maintenance

So don't waste another minute and apply for Kontera account to start generating income from your blog or website. If you face any problem, leave a comment or contact me

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Apprehensions regarding shift to custom domain - my response

A recent reader expression of apprehension of converting blogspot blog to custom domain is the reason for this post. Worries about the effect of conversion to custom domain is very understandable as it involved a change in URL of the blog. What I can offer is my own experience in custom domain conversion and address one particular concern, does the old URL (including the old permalinks) redirect to the new custom domain URL's.

For traffic, I have published a previous post Effect of conversion to custom domain on traffic where I showed that it had no effect on traffic on my blog (please note the emphasis. I do not guarantee the same for yours). Further in that same post, a commentator complained that it affected traffic to his blog tremendously, but probably he registered his domain direct via Godaddy while I did it via Blogger. see Advice: upgrade to custom domain via Blogger.

Now to the other point about redirecting traffic. Below are 3 permalinks with new custom domain permalinks and below that are 3 permalinks of the same post but with the old blogspot permalink. Confirm for yourself that they do redirect to the new custom domain permalinks.

New custom domain permalinks:

old blogspot permalinks"

Note that your PageRank will definitely be affected initially and it may take time to recover your previous PageRank, but that didn't seem to have affected my blog traffic which is what is important to me and not specifically the PageRank.

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to backup your Blogger blog and print your whole blog

Update: Blogger has introduced an easy export and import functions for you to easily save a backup copy of your blog in xml format and easily import it back into Blogger. Sign into Dashboard > Settings > Basic and the Export/Import/delete blog will be at the top, just under the tabs:

Save the xml file in a suitable folder in your computer and use it to export to your blog if the situation requires it.

Regarding printing as PDF file and also hard copies, Blogger has partnered with Blog2Print for you to easily convert it to pdf format and also to print hard copies. Go to Blog2Print

For instruction on how to backup your whole blog, convert it into a PDF file and print it in one go, refer to BlogCollector below.

Why backup your blog you may ask. Well, for one, Blogger has a robot doing its round on the web to identify spamblogs, block them, and after a period of time, delete them. There are many reports of false positives, much to the chagrin of the blog owners. Another reason is to guard against accidental delete (not rare) and hardware failure of the blogging service provider. Your blog may be hacked into one fine day. It is good to protect your hard work by backing up the blog.

Blogger does not have an export or download function. However, Blogger provided some instructions to create a single file with all your posts which you may publish and then copy to your own computer for use as a backup. See How do I create a backup of my entire blog? However, this will involve replacing your current template with a temporary template, saving, republishing and then putting it back again. I do not like this method.

HTTrack Website Copier

Another way to backup your blog is to make a mirror of your blog on your computer. HTTrack Website Copier allows you to download your blog from the Internet to your computer, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images and other files. It also allow you to update an existing mirror. HTTrack Website Copier is a freeware.

Blog Collector

Blog Collector is a nice software to use to backup your blog, particularly if you use the standard Blogger template. If you use non-standard template or you use a extensively modified standard Blogger template, you may have problems and it may only backup the posts in your index page and not the whole blog. There is also a provision to publish your blog as a PDF book. There are 2 versions, Blog Collector and Blog Collector Lite (free) (update: now there are 3 versions - BlogCollector Lite, BlogCollector Standard and BlogCollector Professional. With BlogCollector Professional, you can export your backup file in PDF. WORD or Rich Text and print it in that format.

Other ways to backup the blog is to have Blogger send email of your posts. Go to SETTINGS > EMAIL and enter your email address in the BLOGSENT ADDRESS box. You can also have emails of the comments sent by going to SETTINGS > COMMENTS and enter your email address in the COMMENT NOTIFICATION ADDRESS box. In this method, you will only backing up the text, not the HTML.

Update 3 October 2007: Sorry to hear about your problem. I have stated that BlogCollector only works well with Blogger standard templates and/or templates that have not been modified extensively. What template are you using?

Anyway I think this post need editing as they still haven't got a way to put what they backup automatically back into your blog although they say they are working on it (if they did, they did not inform me). I think the only way to reliably backup your blog is to edit your post in the HTML mode one by one, copy everything into Notepad files and save them.

I have no time, so I think I will just copy and paste part of my reply into the post to update it.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Uploading animated .gif image to Blogger post

I tested uploading animated .gif image to Blogger post at Testing uploading animated .gif image to Blogger.

Conclusion of the test is, if you upload the animated image direct via the Blogger photo upload icon Google Blogger photo upload icon, the image will no longer be animated as you can see from the first image which was uploaded via the via the Blogger photo upload icon Google Blogger photo upload icon in the toolbar of the Blogger post editor.

Update: It may now be possible to upload animated images direct from Blogger because as you can see at the first image at Test uploading animated image to Blogger, the first image was uploaded direct via Blogger and instead of been inanimate when it was first uploaded, you can see that it is animated (moving) now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogger "Edit posts" options

Many of what used to be possible only possible via editing the template (example, 2007: Change comments to anything else desired now can be done via the DESIGN (previously called LAYOUT) and in the Blog posts section, clicking EDIT will take you to "Configure blog posts" options:

Blogger Edit blog posts

Now when you click Edit, you will be presented with a popup with options to change many of Blogger's default settings (see screen shot below):

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to make all links open in new windows

This request to make all hyperlinks pops up every now and then so might as well make a post for it. To make all links open in new window is amazingly simple. Just sign into
to open template editor

Use keyboard shortcut ctrl+F to find <head> and immediately after that, add a single line <base target='_blank' /> so that it become

<base target='_blank' />

Save the edited template and viola, all links in your blog will now open in new tabs or windows.

Note 1: Blogger is now XHTML so all tags must have matching closing tags or be self closing. The above tag is self closing because it has that forward slash / at the end of the tag.

Note 2: This will cause all links including links to your own website to open in new windows. If you don't want this, then don't use this method.

Update: A commentator asked for all links to opens in a new window/tab, but then when other links are clicked, rather than opening another separate new window/tab, it replaces the one that was previously opened. So they can stay on my page while new links all appear in the same new window, not multiple new tabs/windows. This can be easily done by using <base target="_new"> instead so that it becomes
<base target='_new' />
I have tested it at Useful tools for bloggers and it works fine.

Note 2: Just wondering if adding a note for frequent visitors to set browser to open in new tabs rather than new windows will reduce the number of visitors having an unmanageable numbers of new windows opened. Do leave your opinions in the comments below:

Note 3: Some bloggers may prefer some links not to open in new window/tab but to open in the same window, Nute gave this tip to add the attribute target="_self" for those links you want to open in the same window/tab.

I have tested his tip at Safety Tips and Tricks (see Blogger Resources in the second right sidebar). His tip work correctly if the first and third link ("original Blogger Tips and Tricks" and "Blogger Book" opens in new window without the need to add target="_blank" and the second (Blogger for Dummies) opens in the same window by adding target="_self"

Monday, February 07, 2011

Blogger limits update & workarounds

Blogger Help: What are the limits on my Blogger account? is overdue for updating as the number of blogs in a single Blogger/Google account is still stated as unlimited. In truth, has limited it to a maximum 100 blogs per account. However it is easy to go around this limit as you can create a new Blogger/Google account, create a new blog then invite your old account as team blogger and after acceptance of the invitation, make yourself (old account) as administrator.

Update 2: Thanks to Mary of Google Sites Hints and Tips who says that the limit of 100 team members per blog is actually a limit of 100 invitations and that by forwarding an invitation email, the forwardee can accept the invitation and become a team member as well and in this way, one can have more than 100 team members per blog.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

How to Split Blogger Header into 2: Pre- & Post Template Designer

There are 2 methods depending on whether your Blogger template is pre-Template Designer or already using the new Template Designer templates.

1. Pre-Template Designer: How to split blog header into 2 (if you are on the main page, click Read more first)
2. Post-Template Designer: How to split blog header into 2 (if you are on the main page, click Read more first)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Template Designer: How to increase entire blog width beyond maximum

The new Blogger Template Designer has made it very easy to change overall blog width as well as the width of the main column and the sidebars. All you need to do is to sign into Dashboard, click DESIGN > TEMPLATE DESIGNER > ADJUST WIDTH and you will be provided with sliders to drag and drop to whatever values your heart desires, then click APPLY TO BLOG to save the new settings (see screenshot below):

Not only that, you can view the result of your selected changes below and if horrified by your changes, just click RESET WIDTHS TO TEMPLATE DEFAULT. (Note that while there is no slider to adjust the width of the main column, it would be indirectly set by the overall width - whatever width you have set for the sidebar)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Windows Live Writer table plugin

For many bloggers creating HTML tables are a nightmare, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that all changes with ComputerJy's free Windows Live Writer (WLW) table plug-in.

I've been using this table plug-in for sometime now and I can guarantee it does an excellent job. The options far exceed what

Friday, January 14, 2011

Reminder: Backup your blog with Blogger's Export function

Because is free, spammers have abused it thus forcing Blogger to use robotic programs to detect and delete splogs (spam blogs) as well as violation of Blogger's Terms of Service (TOS), but unfortunately the possibility of false positive (legitimate blogs wrongly identified as splog) is ever present. Every now and then we get plea for help and this recent one is typical:

"I had put a lot of time and effort into this blog over the years to have it just taken away. If I cannot get it restored, is there a way to at least get my content? I am just heartbroken over this."

Now Blogger has set up some procedure for such unfortunate occurrence as described in How to recover blog deleted as splog or TOS violation, it is best to take a bit of time to backup your blog using Blogger's export function. By doing so, you would not only be saving the blog posts for any eventuality, but also the comments.

Monday, January 10, 2011

How to delete label enmass

Deleting labels en mass was found to be not as straight forward as I had expected when I had to occasion to do it when I labeled by mistake all posts at this Damansara Uptown Directory that I administer with a label I didn't want so thought it is a good idea to lay out the steps here for the record and for those who may need them when the occasion arises.

To delete a label en mass, sign into Dashboard, click EDIT POSTS.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Easily create tables with Windows Live Writer

Hard coding the HTML for a table is very tedious, but here is an easy way to do it. Go download Windows Live Writer and install it into your computer as I have found with this test post Blogger versus Wordpress Comparison that Windows Live Writer is a good tool to simplify publishing tables.

(Writer is part of Windows Live Essentials. You can download just Writer or all of Windows Live Essentials. Windows Live Essentials 2011 includes Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, Family Safety, and Windows Live Mesh, plus Bing Bar, Messenger Companion, Microsoft Silverlight, and Outlook Connector Pack (Microsoft OutlookHotmail Connector and Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Windows Live Messenger).

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How to resize embedded video using GIMP

Update: For embedding Youtube video, you can do the resizing at itself by either ticking one of the 4 size option (560x340 640x835 835x505 1280x745) or by clicking CUSTOM and typing in your choice of width while letting Youtube automatically fill in the value for the height to keep the aspect ration constant (see screenshot below). However the method described in this post will still be useful if you want to resize other video embed codes or similar:

Method of resizing video embed codes while keeping aspect ration constant

Irfanview which I used as a convenient tool to help resize Youtube video wouldn't work with MAC. The alternative using calculation to resize Youtube video is also a problem for some, so this post will explain how to use GIMP to help with resizing Youtube video to fit your blog sidebar or main column or whatever. (Note: Youtube video can also be resized/customized direct in Youtube website too to be covered with another post)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

How to link to a location in different page

The previous post explain how to link to a location in the same page. In summary, it would be as follows:

The hyperlink HTML is written as

<a href="#key">some text</a>

where key is any text you would like to use as the key, and the location to which you want to link to is preceded by

<a id="key" name="key">>/a>

To link to a location in a different page, it will be almost exactly the same except the #key will now be preceded by the URL of the page to which you want to link to so it now become

<a href="URL#key">some text</a>

For example, the URL of the previous post is (permalink shortened using Google URL shortener)

Thus, I write the hyperlink HTML as

<a href="">some text</a>

As I have used as the key "#linksamepage".

Try clicking and see where it takes you.

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