Monday, January 10, 2011

How to delete label enmass

Deleting labels en mass was found to be not as straight forward as I had expected when I had to occasion to do it when I labeled by mistake all posts at this Damansara Uptown Directory that I administer with a label I didn't want so thought it is a good idea to lay out the steps here for the record and for those who may need them when the occasion arises.

To delete a label en mass, sign into Dashboard, click EDIT POSTS. Now if you click the down arrow at the LABEL ACTIONS... drop down menu and scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see the option REMOVE LABEL (see screen shot below):

Blogger label action remove label option

However, there are no label listed below that option so you can't do anything with that option. Now if at the top, click Select: ALL to select all the post. When you have done that, and you scroll down to the bottom of the LABEL ACTIONS Drop Down menu, you will no longer see that REMOVE LABEL option.

The reason is that REMOVE LABEL is now somewhere in the middle of an enlarged LABEL ACTIONS list and below that REMOVE LABEL would be the list of all labels that you can delete. Now all you need to do to delete a label is to scroll to that label below REMOVE LABEL option and click on a label to select it and that label, wait, then a message "Label 'xyz label' removed from 123 posts. undo"
Message confirm label deleted in number of posts
will appear at the top of your Dashboard and that selected label will be deleted en mass.


  1. Thank you for this post. Your detailed explanation saved me HOURS of confused anxiety! lol

    Kind regards

  2. Thanks so much! I was NOT looking forward to going through a hundred plus posts, deleting labels.

    Appreciate the tip!

  3. How do I delete 1 label? and it doesn't show up in the labels to remove list?

  4. thanks peter!
    works better for me

    damansara uptown?
    are you malaysian?

  5. Anonymous7/16/2011

    thanks, very much.
    it was a very straight forward answer...

  6. I want 5/7 of my posts to be appeared on the main screen, but only 1 or 2 are appeared? please help me? I am using designed template from blogger. my blog-

  7. That has nothing to do with labels. Sign into Blogger (Dashboard) > Settings > Formatting

    and there set number of posts to display on main page.

  8. This worked with Old Blogger. How can I delete labels with new Blogger?

  9. Hi,

    I've developed a Python tool to remove labels from Blogger.
    It is much faster than using the Blogger interface, especially when you have thousands of labels.
    You can also specify a time interval for the tool to operate.

    Check it out at:

  10. what eg remove 4 label? of exposure I had little control over. and I wish I had to learn some vital lessons much more. thanks


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