Monday, February 07, 2011

Blogger limits update & workarounds

Blogger Help: What are the limits on my Blogger account? is overdue for updating as the number of blogs in a single Blogger/Google account is still stated as unlimited. In truth, has limited it to a maximum 100 blogs per account. However it is easy to go around this limit as you can create a new Blogger/Google account, create a new blog then invite your old account as team blogger and after acceptance of the invitation, make yourself (old account) as administrator.

Update 2: Thanks to Mary of Google Sites Hints and Tips who says that the limit of 100 team members per blog is actually a limit of 100 invitations and that by forwarding an invitation email, the forwardee can accept the invitation and become a team member as well and in this way, one can have more than 100 team members per blog. I have tested forwarding an invitation email and can confirm that the forwardee who was not invited directly can accept and thereby become a team member. However I do not have 100 email addresses to test this workaround and will welcome updates from anyone who have actually successfully added more than 100 team members per blog. You can leave a comment or contact me via my contact form.

Update 3: After accepting that invitation email this was the message from Blogger:

Your invitation for ???? for your private blog "Make Money Online" has been accepted, but using a different email address. It has been accepted by

If your invitation has been accepted by someone you do not know or did not intend to invite, please visit the Permissions tab of your blog where you can choose to revoke access.


The Blogger Team

Below are the list of all the limits now updated:

What are the limits on my Blogger account?
We try to give you a lot of room to play here on Blogger, so you'll see that a lot of the important "limits" here aren't really very limiting. But just in case you were wondering, here is some information about about what a single Blogger account will hold.

Number of Blogs: You can have as many blogs as you like on one account Update: You can have a maximum 100 blogs in one account).

Number of Posts: There is no limit on the number of posts you can have on one blog. They will all be saved on your account (unless you manually delete them) regardless of whether you are publishing archives or not.

Size of Posts: Individual posts do not have a specific size limit, but very large posts may run you up against the page size limit. (See the next item.)

Size of Pages: Individual pages (the main page of your blog, or your archive pages) are limited to 1 MB in size. This will allow for a few hundred pages of text, but it may be a problem if you are listing hundreds of posts on the front page of your blog. If you hit this limit, you will see an error message saying "006 Please contact Blogger Support." You can get around this error by lowering the number of posts on your main page, which will have the added benefit of making your page load faster as well.

Number of Comments: A post can have any number of comments. As with archived posts, if you choose to hide comments on your blog, all pre-existing comments will remain saved on your account.

Number of Pictures: Up to 1 GB of total storage, shared with Picasa Web

Size of Pictures: If you are posting pictures through Blogger Mobile there is a limit of 250K per picture.

Team Members: There is a limit of 100 members per blog. Update: This limit is actually a limit of 100 invitation per blog. By forwarding an invitation email to another email address, that email address can also be a team member of a blog and in this way, one can have more than 100 team members per blog. see workaround

Number of Labels: Up to 2000 unique labels per blog and 20 per post.

Blog Description: Limited to 500 characters, with no HTML. Adding additional characters or HTML may cause it to revert to a previous setting.

"About Me" Profile Information: Maximum of 1,200 characters.

Profile Interests and Favorites: Maximum of 2,000 characters in each field.

Source: Blogger Help: What are the limits on my Blogger account?


  1. Anonymous2/07/2011

    thanx a lot for giving this important information. :)

  2. hi peter,

    how are u?

    I hope u can help with my problem, suddenly yesterday my has warning message on search engine and no one can visit because it has a message "this site may harm your computer" if it appears on search engine.

    Only on search engine but if you type on the proper address bar its working. I felt bad and dont know how to fix it, I've been reading and understanding the forum and article but its confusing to me.

    Please help me what to do.


  3. Hi Peter

    I think that the team-members limit is based on number of invitations set (max = 100). So you can have more team members if more than one person accepts an invitation by forwarding the email. Or less if some invitations expire before they're acted upon.

  4. Hi Mary,

    I have never tried having more than 100 team members, in fact not even 5. Are you saying that an invitee can forward the invitation email to another email address and that other email address can actually become a team blogger even though not invited directly? I got to test that and thanks for the heads up.

  5. Hi Mary,

    I tested forwarding an invitation email and can confirm that without being invited directly but via a forwarded invitation email one can become a team blogger so I am going to "update this update" if you know what I mean. I would like to credit that to you so temporarily crediting it to your Google Sites hints and tips. Let me know if you want otherwise.

  6. Siromade, please refer to How to remove the "This site may harm your computer" warning from your website's listings in Google search results, step by step which gives very detailed explanations. I would appreciate feedback on your progress.

  7. Thanks Peter,

    I will check it and hope everything will be fine...

  8. ttIs there a minimum age you have to be to make a blog on blogger?

    Brad Fallon

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  10. Anonymous3/10/2011

    I have been following this blog for long time. And this post gave a clear idea about the blogger. Thanks for the post.

  11. I appreciate you for doing this.Thank for this, It can help many people.

  12. tnx.....nice...GOD BLESS..

  13. Thanks for the tips.

  14. Even though is not listed in any official documentation, the post entries seems to have a limit of comments set to 5000, even you can find post with more comments.
    There's a case which a entry have more than 50.000 comments, but it's particulary special.

  15. Would this be a workaround for a private blog to have more than 100 readers and authors? Is team members the same as Authors?

    I have a blog that is private and for a sizable community, likely over 100 email addresses. I need to find a way to have more than 100 readers and authors accessing the blog.

  16. I have not tried any workaround nor have read about anyone doing it so the only way is to try perhaps each author have their individual max 100 readers. If you do try it, would appreciate getting some feedback.

  17. Oops I see there is another suggestion in the post.

  18. Anonymous7/20/2011

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  19. I am afraid I hardly use any of those Social Networking stuff so perhaps you should ask at the Blogger Help Forum.

  20. Anonymous11/02/2011

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    Your permission waiting by me, eagerly.

  22. I wanted to let you know, that I actually did try the forwarding an invitation after I used up my 100 invites. I found out that this does not work because once the invitation link has been used, it cannot be used again. Just wanted to give a heads up!


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