Saturday, October 15, 2011

Upload text and picture direct from computer

There are bloggers who want to be able to prepare their posts including text and photos in their computer and upload it direct to Blogger. Some have tried using copy-paste from Microsoft WORD which obviously will not work.

Here is a solution - Windows Live Writer. To add a photo while in Windows Live Writer, either click the photo icon or use the INSERT drop-down menu as shown in the screen shot below:

If you wish, you can also add an album. Click PHOTO ALBUM. For this, you will have to have a Window Live ID and be logged in. Once logged in, click ADD PHOTO and browse to the photo in your computer you want to add to the album. Then click OPEN and the photo will be added to the album.

I have tested this at Test uploading photo from Windows Live Writer and found that it works well.

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  1. What is also nice is that you now have a copy of your posts on your computer. I was able to resurrect a few posts Archived at WordPress - don't ask, I have no idea except a blanket report of violation of TOS - by reposting to another blog.

  2. Thanks For The Great Info

  3. Anonymous10/25/2011

    Thank you. I recently installed Live Writer on a new computer and when I edit an old post and click Publish it posts as if it were a new post. It did not do this on my old pc and if I edited a current post it was smart enough to know that it was dealing with an old post.

    Any ideas why this is and how to remedy it?

  4. I tested edit for a test post with Live Writer - Test uploading photos and text direct from computer with Live Writer and no new post was publish, so I figure there must be some memory inside a computer which is absent when you use a different computer resulting in a new post.

  5. Thanks for very helpful information.

  6. Anonymous11/09/2011

    Informative post, showed it very clearly, nice sharing, thanks for the share.

  7. Anonymous11/18/2011

    Now am using windows live writer it is makes my work much easier. thanks for the information

  8. Thanks,
    i found it useful, is there any way around in blogger to make Photo gallery like wordpress buildin function do? if there's a way please
    let me know

  9. Anonymous12/16/2011


  10. Thanks so much for posting this! I've been wanting to find out how to create a post some other way than through blogger. Simple to use.

  11. Hi, I've been using Windows Live Writer for a while. Last month when I tried to publish an entry by WLW, it appeared an error named "500 internal error". I googled it and apparently it was about sth to do with Google Picasa Album. However these people on the internet spoke IT language which I could never understand. So until now the problem still hasn't been resolved. Do you have any idea to deal with this? Thanks in advance and btw, great blog.

  12. And also one more thing, when I use the new version of Windows Live Writer (2011), I couldn't use the plug-ins that I used before such as Sharper Photo ect. I did uninstalled and then reinstalled the programs but it didnt work. You know any tips?

  13. When you use WLW and wants to upload a picture, use only WLW to upload picture. Don't try other ways such as using the <img> tag. I have tried before and got the same error message as you.

  14. I actually used only 'insert picture' section in WLW to upload picture because other methods are way too complicated, and I am not so good at these stuffs you see. Now I can upload posts with small amount of pictures through WLW and it's okay (but it's extremely slow when publishing). With a lengthy post or a post which have a lot of pictures I get the same erro message "500 internal erro"

    However, after I reinstalled WLW last month, some of the pictures in my blog couldn't be accessed any more (but some are okay tho).
    For eg,
    This is a very old post of mine:
    And this one is fairly new:

    I don't really know what happened with the pictures. When I retrieved into WLW, the pictures were all good. But when I reposted those entries, the pictures are like that again.

    This is driving me crazy for weeks and I hope you are able to help me. Thank you so so much!


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