Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to redirect blogger blog to blogspot.com address

How to redirect blogger blog to blogspot.com address

This is a guest post from Darssh. Darssh is a Blogger, Entrepreneur and Internet Lover.

It is not a new thing since few days that your blogspot.com blog may redirect to a country based
domain. Perhaps it is worldwide. Every blogger blog owner may have the same problem of automatic
redirection. So here in this post, we have a tweak that enables your blog to stay on blogspot.com URL.

Well, first of all let’s answer the question. Why a .com redirect to a ccTLD (Country Specific Top Level
Domain) URL may hurt you? This is because according to MR. Search Engine Optimizer’s law, you can’t
host the same content on different domains. If you are using blogger on your own top level domain,
then there is no point of worry. But if your blog has a .blogspot.com address in its tail, then it may hurt

So, let’s get into the answer now. Here is the simplest JavaScript code (Pretty short too!) that you can
use to save your blog from being redirected:

if ((window.location.href.toString().indexOf('.com/'))=='-1') {
window.location.href =


Sign into www.blogger.com (Dashboard), click the down arrow Blogger dashboard down arrow drop down menu, select TEMPLATE,

Blogger Dashboard Settings Template

click on EDIT HTML to open the template editor,

Blogger Dashboard Settings Template Edit HTML template editor

and place the given code in the Header section, for example, just before the </head> tag and your blog will no longer have that country specific address and will instead remain as, for example, blog.blogspot.com and not blog.blogspot.in anymore.


Note: This code is for stopping .blogspot.in redirects. You need to change it to your own country’s TLD.


  1. Anonymous2/28/2012

    Hi Darssh,
    That is the new thing, what I read today. If you redirect .in domain to .com then, could we control our old PR, what was it for .com domain.

  2. Thanks a lot...should the code be placed in every blog post or can we change something in the settings?

  3. Divya, Darrsh is the author of this guest post but I would think that you only have to put that code in the template and not in every post.

  4. Anonymous3/01/2012

    @a guy from bloggertips

    Yes the same PR will be preserved. The Google redirects your blog for load balancing purposes only.


    Yes you need to put it in your HTML template at once, not in all blog posts. Peter sir is right.

  5. Helpful post Thank u dear..

    i have also created some very much helpful posts on my blog please check

  6. thnx bro.. it is very usefull.. for social sharing
    it shares .com domain.

    i have tried on my blog

  7. thanks darssh, i have done it in my SEO Blog!

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  10. Anonymous3/25/2012

    where should we paste the code?
    In the body or head?(or any other?)

  11. I have also same question Mahroof Ali and Devi

  12. where should I paste the code?

  13. Anonymous4/17/2012

    Hello Everyone.

    You need to paste the code in the header section of your blog.


  14. Hey dude, its not working! what to do further? Drupal developer


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