Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vertical pictures turned horizontal - solution

Bloggers are complaining that when they upload vertical pictures to Blogger post, these vertical pictures are turned horizontal which is not what they want.

The solution is to go to the picture in Picassa Web Album and rotate it:

picassa web album picture rotate

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to revert custom domain back to blogspot

Blogger has given bloggers using their platform for their blogs the option of leaving the blog as a
sub-domain of or become a custom domain using the blogger's domain.

While custom domain has lots of advantages, it however suffers from the disadvantage cost wise of having to bear the annual renewal of the domain.

Now, if you no longer want to bear the cost, just how can you revert the custom domain back to the blogspot sub-domain?

The solution is to sign into (Dashboard), click the down arrow at the top right corner Blogger Dashboard drop down menu,

select SETTINGS:

Blogger Dashboard drop down menu select SETTINGS

and in the BASIC > PUBLISHING section

Blogger Dashboard Settings Basic Publishing section

just click the X icon (highlighted in red above) and the custom domain is no more and the blog will revert to the original blogspot sub-domain URL.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog as website and self hosted blogs

One frequent request from bloggers using blogspot ( is to get rid of the year and month in a post permalink and just have relevant keywords in the post URL. This is not possible with blogspot blogs but is possible with self-hosted Wordpress blogs. (Update: Blogger updated post editor now gives in the options a way to customize permalinks)

Affiliate marketeers who use blogspot blogs as landing page for their affiliate products run a serious risk of having their blogs deleted. For such purpose, a self-hosted Wordpress blog is preferable.

One more reason why a self-hosted blog is preferable to blogspot blog is direct access to the server possible with self-hosted blog but impossible with blogspot blogs. There are various things you can do such as creating pop-ups or pop-unders which is only possible by hosting the blog yourself and not let Blogger host it for you.

However, one big disadvantage of self-hosted blog is the need to find reliable web host provider plus worries over security issues and other issues such as sufficient bandwidth, cost, uptime, etc.

Having a web host review site such as Top 100 Web Hosting will help with selection of a suitable webhost for your self-hosted blog as they have used various criteria to rank web host providers using criteria such as availability of unlimited web hosting, reputation, features, users rating, green environmental issues, reliability, speed,

you can read up, for example, Web Hosting Review HostGator before you make up your mind about which web host to use.

If cost is an important issue, there are tips on How to save Money on Web Hosting.

To make your money go further, you can also find Web Hosting Coupons & Promotion Codes for further discounts and get exclusive deals.

Top 100 Web Hosting help you save by highlighting exclusive deals, providing coupons and promotional codes to copy-paste to get discounts when ordering and secret links which are only available in their website.

Monday, April 02, 2012

How change Blogger background color

The Blogger Template Designer has now made changing the blog background color very easy. Sign into (Dashboard), and at the right sidebar, click the down arrow (drop-down menu) Blogger new UI down arrow drop-down menu to get a series of options:

Blogger new UI layout options

Blogger new UI layout template designer ADVANCED settingClick on LAYOUT and then ADVANCED tab and then on the right would be the 3 options to change colors of
1. Outer background
2. Main background
3. Header background

Blogger template designer set background color

Choose your selected color by clicking on the colored box or type in your HTML color code (eg #a1b2c3).

Solution for "Another blog is already hosted at this address

Bloggers who wants to convert their blogspot blog to custom domain sometimes get this error message: "Another blog is already hosted at this address".

One solution is to use the Magical Custom Domain Form.

Just type in the custom domain URL into the box as highlighted in the screen shot below:

Gatsby Magical Custom Domain Form

How to find Blogger's blog ID number? And why you may need it

Sign into Blogger. In the list of blogs, click on the blog which ID number you want (see screen shot below):

Blogger Dashboard list of blogs

Look at the address bar with the blog URL at the top of the browser and you will see ID=12345678 as highlighted in blue in the screen shot below:

Blogger blog ID number

Those numbers are your blog ID number

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